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Reforms in education system a must

Education system has effective way in a society within which a generation gets educated.
Each society’s development relates to its education and higher education system. Development is not an accidental matter, but it needs a factor.
It is very easy to compare development and improvements of developed and industrial countries with their education system.
For instance, Japan; where has been developed when it changed its education system and brought wide reforms in it.
Japan’s reformed and effective education system has then paved the way for its progress and caused its education system to be recognized as the best worldwide.
Japanese people had a risened against their government in 1868, because, they believed that it was corrupt and useless.
Japan’s new government had then made effort to send a delegation to developed European countries to become aware of their innovations and situation.
Using world successful countries’ experiences and innovations, Japan then established an effective education system.
Likewise, South Korea, where the development process was very speedy and it could change its all systems within fifty years. After the Japanese people had left South Korea, it was very backward, as 78% of its people were illiterate.
After South Korea changed its education system and seriously started reforms, it turned into a powerful and developed country.
Unfortunately, Afghanistan has still remained as an undeveloped country, however, after collapse of the Taliban, the country has had good improvements, but they have not been fundamental.
The first problem we are facing with is that no effort has so far been made to professionally review the education system and find its defects and problems so basic steps to be taken in the respect.
Thus, systematic changes should be brought in education and higher education institutions, it means that professional people should be recruited in decision making sections so they can create effective plans for the country’s education system.
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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.