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Redline; men of a plan and men without a plan

Men without a plan:

Men without a plan are those stray men who have no special idea for his/her life and the lives of others in the society. They just live like parasites alongside other men with a plan. They just spend their time wherever and whenever they find appropriate chances. However, having no plan is a purpose; because spending time and dining whenever finding (or eating in a daily rate) is itself a lifestyle. Also, spending time in the wishes of others and hearing oneself, praising oneself and living apart from any commitment and pledge and enjoying the moments are the characteristics of a man without a plan. Their main purpose is unconditionally hedonism; something against humanity and the ethics of humans. For the men with a plan; purpose is their main and eter nal history and would sing this song until the end of their lives and basically purpose is the redlines of their lives, while for the men without a plan; purpose is something futile and the term “Redline” has no meaning in their lives, as they just thing about eating and drinking, sleeping and engendering. For the supporters of ethical purpose, this is very important alongside the people in the society, help them and cooperate with them in their daily affairs. They want to live peacefully and support wherever the voice of justice and fairness is raised and oppose and fight any kind of torture at the price of their lives and properties and use all of their political means to fight it, as any negligence against injustice and unfairness would cause a big problem for their future, if not controlled. While for the men without a plan, this is not their priority as they are working for the aliens with the lowest prices or for free. As the Holy Prophet of Islam Mohammad (PBUH) says, “Those who are incompetent about the problems of the Muslim, they will not be of them.” This means that Muslims should think about all issues relating to an Islamic society or at the global level and do their best to address their political, religious, security, military, economic, educational, moral and mental status, analysis them, highlight their points of weakness and strength and finally find a solution for. The abovementioned points are the main characteristics and redlines of a man; with a plan and a man without a plan, which should be practiced in the life of a Muslim to serve a real Islamic society. End Shabir Raheel

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.