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Recognition of IEA, rights of Afghans, Mujahid

The spokesperson of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan Zabihullah Mujahid, in an interview, with Tabnak News Agency, said that recognition of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan is the right of the Afghan people and government, so countries should be free to make their own decisions in the field. “We expect more cooperation from some friendly and brotherly countries; some have had good diplomatic relations with us. We have achieved good cooperation with the Islamic Republic of Iran in various areas, particularly in economic areas and there is strong trust in this regard,” Mujahid said, stressing that the Islamic Republic of Iran more than any other country, should take steps towards recognizing the current Islamic system. However, we expect more cooperation from Iran. The Islamic Republic should engage more with us in recognizing and declaring [the Islamic Emirate] and prioritize this declaration. The issue of Afghanistan is a domestic matter that should respect the Afghan people, Mujahid further said. Every country should shape its relations and interactions with us based on its principles and interests, as well as Afghanistan’s interests. The impact of the relations between Iran and Afghanistan, especially in trade and economic fields, is significant in the region and beyond, Mujahid added. We consider these interactions beneficial and have more confidence in this area, moving towards further enhancing these relations. Regarding the upcoming Doha meeting on Afghanistan, Zabihullah Mujahid said that Kabul decided to attend the third Doha meeting after reviewing its agenda. He considered this decision beneficial for Afghanistan, noting that humanitarian aid for the Afghan people and creating investment opportunities in the country are crucial topics of the meeting. The third Doha meeting is scheduled to take place on June 30 and July 1 this year in Qatar, with representatives from various countries discussing Afghanistan. Two previous rounds of Doha meetings on Afghanistan were also held in Qatar without the participation of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan. Regarding the two previous Doha meetings on the country, Mujahid said: “Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan has its own policy and approach regarding participation in some meetings. These meetings must be significant both economically and politically and must be extensive and impactful. Whenever a meeting is planned, we expect it to be substantial and influential. We participate in meetings based on our specific policies.” Also, about Iran’s water rights, Mujahid stated that the country’s water rights were granted according to the agreement in 1972. “I must emphasize that when Afghanistan has the resources and reserves, the country is committed to fulfilling its obligations based on the 1972 treaty and will adhere to them,” Mujahid said, adding that due to the limited water supply, specific issues with the fields, and the widespread drought, it is expected that Iran understands these matters and enters into a good agreement with the Islamic Emirate. Feda Mohammad

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