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Recognition of IEA in U.S. interest, acting defense minister

KABUL: Acting Minister of Defense of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan (IEA) Mullah Mohammad Yaqub, in an interview with American National Radio, said that recognizing the government of (IEA) in Afghanistan will be beneficial for the United States therefor there is no other government that the United States can agree with.
He also said that the recognition is an advance change.
Mujahid emphasizes that creating a constitution in Afghanistan is a serious need, closing of girls’ schools is a serious issue, we have discussed this issue and we hope that the condition will be helpful and better in the future.
Unknown resources believe that the Islamic Emirate has not completed the commitments and conditions of the international community for recognition.
After the falling of the previous government, the world mutually demanded the formation of an apprehensive and inclusive government in this country so that the countries of the world can interact and cooperate with the “new government” and prepare the ground for its recognition by the international community.
The international community is of this notion regarding the recognition of the Islamic Emirate. It is not only the formation of a comprehensive government that consists of heads of educated groups. The international community persists on respecting human rights, guaranteeing independence of expression, equality of women’s rights and clear values, that the majority of women have been banned in some ways since the takeover of the Islamic Emirate. Experts believe that another issue that is undeniable in the current situation is the no existing of women in various social, political, economic and cultural fields. Apart from the fact that women make up half of the society, they have many abilities and expertise in all social, cultural, economic and political fields.
In the previous government, women have had a successful and an effected presence in politics, culture, economy, sports, etc.
Not considering this capacity of the society on the part of the Islamic Emirate, on the part of the international community, is not acceptable. On the other hand, it is not in the interest of the country to remain blocked in schools for female students above the sixth grade.

The citizens of the country, especially girls above the sixth grade, consider education as one of their basic rights and asked for the Islamic Emirate to reopen girls’ schools for grades seven to twelve as soon as possible. Girls’ and boys’ schools are separate and there is no Barrier There is no the presence of women in their work and the opening of schools for female students.
Above the sixth grade is one of the conditions of the international community for the recognition of the caretaker government.
This is while the Islamic Emirate wants to provide good and strong relations with the international community in the framework of global principles. The possibility of harm to no one and the right to freedom of nations is protected.
The Islamic Emirate has established relations with neighboring countries, the region and the world with a balanced policy.
The international community has also made it clear that the Islamic Emirate should establish a government that is inclusive and not only represents Afghans, but also reflect to Afghans’ requirements. Now, the government of the Islamic Emirate is an advanced process days in terms of gaining international law and legitimacy. so Islamic emirate of Afghanistan (IEA) is attempting for recognizing and preventing the same situation from repeating itself.

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