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Recognition; Excuse and Vengeance

By: Hashmat Naseri

With the re-estab lishment of the Islamic Emirate, some countries and International organizations consistently endeavor to portray the ruling government in Afghanistan as ineffective and irresponsible through the dissemination of false reports and the perpetuation of consecutive sessions. They persistently highlight issues such as the so-called human rights violations, the establishment of an inclusive government, and the escalating levels of poverty and unemployment in Afghanistan. In addition to concealing facts and distorting achievements, they strive to present an inaccurate and unrealistic image of the current regime, tarnishing the credibility of the Islamic Emirate in the International Community and portraying the governance in the country as flawed. Officials from the International organizations, especially UNAMA, consistently praise the achievements and on-going functions of the Islamic Emirate in various arenas during physical meetings. However, by disseminating biased reports and presenting a distorted image of the country, they aim to isolate Afghanistan at the global platforms. It must be acknowledged that under the current regime in the country, administrative corruption, a false economy, imposition of economic and political sanctions by the International community against the ruling regime, insecurity, poverty, unemployment, cultivation, production, trafficking, and drug use, cessation of aid from countries and funding organizations to Afghanistan, and etc. were among the major obstacles inherited by the Islamic Emirate. Initially, most believed that the ruling system would face serious problems without the support of the International Community, and efforts were made to exacerbate public distrust towards the current government. The majority still believes that with the re-establishment of the Islamic Emirate, the lev el of poverty, insecurity, unemployment, administrative corruption, and various political, economic, social, and cultural problems in Afghanistan have increased. However, they remain unaware that these problems stem from the wrong and inappropriate decisions and policies of the continued invasions, as well as of the past governments, their supporters, and intense political problems during the past four decades. Over the past twenty years, numerous countries and donors, despite having all the financial, technical, and political support and spending billions of dollars in Afghanistan, have failed to establish a unified, inclusive, and independent government, eradicate administrative corruption, poverty, and unemployment, prohibit cultivation, production, and trafficking of drugs, and ensure human rights in Afghanistan. Instead, during this period, substantial amounts of aid to Afghanistan were diverted towards funding military and economic apparatus and paying exorbitant salaries and bonuses to International advisors and foreign high-ranking officials. In short, the countries and donors have taken back a significant portion of the funds they provided to Afghanistan under various terms. It must be acknowledged that over the past four decades, the United States and its allies have never worked towards a self-sufficient, independent, and stable Afghanistan. Instead, they have spent huge amounts through funding similar, imaginary, and unnecessary projects in Afghanistan, the results of which are evident upon their withdrawal from the country. We all know that before the re-establishment of the Islamic Emirate, the so-called inclusive government was formed in Afghanistan, and important positions in the system were handed over to individuals affiliated with political parties and movements. However, this led to serious governance problems, unprecedented increases in administrative and moral corruption, slow delivery of services to the people, and heightened political opposition among government officials. As a result, the system collapsed, leaving detrimental effects on the social and economic lives of the people. Despite facing political and economic sanctions and increasing pressure, some countries, organizations, and individuals are trying to blame the Islamic Emirate and expect the ruling regime to tackle the existing problems and eradicate them completely utilizing the limited resources. Considering the accomplishments of the Islamic Emirate over the past three years, unprecedented progress achieved during this time in comparison to the past twenty years, it is undeniable and nobody can refute it. The issuance of a general amnesty decree by the supreme leader of the Islamic Emirate has fostered unity, brotherhood, and equality among various ethnic groups in the country. Furthermore, ensuring overall security in Afghanistan is a significant blessing that sets the stage for the implementation of any type of economic and developmental plans and policies in the country. On the other hand, another distinctive feature of the Islamic Emirate is its unified governance, where all officials strive under a single leadership to sincerely pursue the vision and policies of the supreme leader of the Islamic Emirate and achieve self-sufficiency for Afghanistan. Moreover, tackling corruption, ensuring transparency in all governance sectors, initiating economic and developmental projects, paving the way for attracting domestic and foreign investments, eradicating cultivation, production, trafficking, and use of drugs, strengthening governance, delivering services to the people, aiding the needy, expanding levels of trade, economic, and political interactions with neighboring and regional countries, etc., are tangible achievements that have also amazed the International community and people of the world. However, countries and International organizations merely use issues such as the socalled human rights violations, establishment of an inclusive government, and increasing poverty as pretexts to discredit the Islamic Emirate and consistently attempt to divert global attention, conceal facts, and overshadow the remarkable progress made in the past three years. On the other hand, the United States and its allies never imagined leaving Afghanistan in such simplicity. America’s failure in Afghanistan has indeed tarnished its prestige and credibility among the International community. America and its supporters make necessary efforts to hinder the recognition of Afghanistan. By doing so, they aim to remove themselves from the circle of blame and, through revenge against the current regime, somehow compensate for their own failures. In the same vein, America and some destructive organizations, using certain individuals and groups inside and outside the country, are bent on tarnishing the ruling system by raising the mentioned issues, determined to present an unrealistic image of Afghanistan to the world. The welfare of the people and the economic self-sufficiency of Afghanistan have been the policies of the Islamic Emirate, and the leaders and government entities have spared no effort in striving day and night to achieve them. Despite facing political and economic sanctions from the International community, the Islamic Emirate has achieved such tangible accomplishments with minimal resources. Let’s consider: if political and economic sanctions are lifted, the ruling government is recognized, and political and economic interactions with the world expand, where will Afghanistan be in the next five or ten years under the current regime? The people of Afghanistan and neighboring countries and the region have come to realize that the ruling system is indispensable for the progress and prosperity of Afghanistan and the stability and advancement of the region. They still applaud the efforts made by the Islamic Emirate in various fields over the past three years. Therefore, in conclusion, it is obvious that America has never had goodwill intentions for Afghanistan and is striving to keep Afghanistan under its control, always a needy country adapting to their evil and undesirable plans. Unfortunately, instead of contributing to the welfare, progress, and prosperity of the country, some individuals and groups, in pursuit of pleasing America and its allies, are focused on seeking revenge, securing personal interests, undermining the system, propagating negative thoughts, and finding any means to discredit the ruling regime in the country.

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