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Recession in exports of Afghanistan carpets

For centuries, Afghanistan was recognized as a global leader in carpet production.
From the past long years till now, carpets industry has been considered as key business in Afghanistan and Central Asian countries. Weaving carpets have been common as most Turkmen people have been engaged in weaving different carpets.
The best carpets are woven in Herat, where Shindani and Adraskani are the most popular carpets.
In recent years, that people are weaving carpets in the country’s north, north-eastern and western provinces, the Hazara people in the country’s central parts have turned to weaving carpets which are considered as very sellable and has good market.
In past, carpets are considered as one of the key staples of the country’s exports to foreign markets in Europe, Russia and the U.S. Also, the best Afghan carpets were granted for foreign guests in officially visiting of Afghanistan. In foreign markets, the Afghan carpets were top and expensive and foreigners used to prefer the Afghan carpets than other carpets sold in markets.
Which were the Afghan carpet industry employed more than 1 million people, about 3% of the population. Millions more worked in related industries, such as wool production, cutting, washing and design.
Because these dominant industries had significant growth and export potential, the carpet sector had previously become a major focus for Afghanistan’s government and private-sector support organizations.
Weaving- traditionally on a horizontal loom – is usually done by women.
All sizes of carpets and rugs, ranging from mats to runners to the “over-sizes”, are made throughout the year. Larger carpets, however, they are usually woven in the open our mainly produced during the summer months.
Unfortunately, in recent years due to war and insecurities, most people engaged in weaving carpets have left and migrated to Pakistan and Iran, where they later started weaving carpets. Currently, most Afghan Turkmen are weaving carpets in many parts of Pakistan. Just a small fraction of Afghanistan’s intricate and beautiful carpets are sold abroad as Afghan products.
The reason for this is that more than 90% are sent to Pakistan for cutting, washing and finishing. Those carpets are exported to foreign markets with labels and trademarks of the Pakistani product.
It’s time that the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan (IEA) particularly Ministry of Commerce and Industry should be prevent from Afghan carpets exports to Pakistan as the Afghan carpets exports to the country will either question our national identity and harm our country’s economy. Besides, the IEA and ministry of commerce and industry should be pay particular attention to the expansion of the country’s domestic industries, particularly the handicrafts industry.
It is worth mentioning that carpet production in Afghanistan is from beginning to end a cottage industry, and for the buyer, represents good value in terms of wear, beauty and adaptability for surroundings.
Another characteristic of Afghan carpets is that they are quite of wool and all designs are rectilinear.
Mohammad Daud

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.