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Reasons behind increasing Kabul pollution, solutions

By: Masouda Qarizada

After a meeting with owners of smoke producing places in Kabul, the MoI has warned them to stop use of smoke producing materials. The MoI statement asked these owners to focus serious attention to NEPA guidelines and recommendations for preventing of pollution.
Relying to the article 807 of penalty code, the MoI statement has said that use of harmful materials that damage people, animals, birds, plants and structures, is against this article and in case of identifying, violators will be prosecuted. The MoI statement gave a respite of one week (next Sunday) Dec 29 to stop use of non-standard fuels.
Although the MoI statement has not mentioned the names of smoke producing materials specifically but prior to this a number of environmentalists had said that even available oils in the country are smoke producer and cause pollution.
Following advent of cold season, the rate of air pollution has considerably increased. Based on data provided by Air Visual agency, Kabul is among the strongly polluted cities in the world.
Environmentalists had said that coal is challengeful for future of people and its prevention is impossible without introducing of a proper alternative.
People say that the government should prevent imports of low quality gas, oil, coal etc into Afghanistan. The officials of NEPA confirm that a five year plan has been prepared to prevent further pollution of Kabul with the participation of all relevant sectors to fight this challenge.
Director of NEPA Supervision and Inspection branch Eng Naik Mohammad said his administration has undertaken practical plans to prevent pollution and all concerned sectors are requested to send their reports of monthly work to NEPA and a quarterly report is due to be send to president.
It has been said that president Ghani has recently undertaken responsibility of Counter Pollution Commission.
Eng Naik added, relevant sectors have already covered the locations cause pollution and even a number of them have already been shut down. First of all the government departments are the first targets of this plan and they have to stop usage of smoke producing materials. In recent days photos of the MoD compound have been released in social media from which a thick smoke has been rising upward. According to Naik Mohammad, asphalting of internal compound of MoD is going on by a foreign company and pollution is due to operation of Tar production Co there.
The officials of NEPA said that they have been working on alternatives for coal as well as on standardization of infiltered coal. The Norm and Standard Authority has undertaken responsibility to institutionalize production of infiltrated coal in companies.

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.