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Ramadan; time to help needy people

A family eats at their home in one of the poor neighborhoods of Kabul, Afghanistan, May 21, 2022. (AP Photo/File)

The holy Ramadan is the 9th lunar month in which Muslims around the world are required to observe fast. This holy month has a special place and respect among Muslims. Among the most important acts of worship in this month are reciting the holy Quran, awakening on Qadr night (Lailat-ul-Qadr), praying and asking for forgiveness, fasting and helping the destitute people and those in need. The word “Ramadan” is mentioned once in the Quran and it is the only month that its name is mentioned in the holy book of Allah al-Quran alKarim. The month of Ramadan is the month of forgiveness, as in the holy month, the doors of hell are closed and the doors of heaven remain open. In this holy month and the month of mercy, the holy Quran has been descended to the holy Prophet of Islam Mohammad (peace be upon him). In many cities, shops and markets packed with edible items are closed and the streets are quiet during Iftar (breaking fast), in some mosques, the congregational prayer is read quickly after the Azan of Maghrib (evening call to prayer.) Allah the Almighty has forbidden war in this holy month unless it is defensive. The night of Qadr (Lailatul-Qadr) happens in this month and it is better than a thousand months, whenever Muslims resort to worship. Reviving and offering prayers in one of those nights is equal to praying seventy nights in other months. Ramadan is the month of patience and mercy of Allah the Almighty and it is the month of sympathy. A person who breaks the fast for a needy person in this month is equal to freeing a slave. If we consider the situation of our Muslims in the war-affected countries, we find tens of thousands of Gazans; roughly, children and women in grave destituteness and loneliness, famine and poverty, particularly during the holy month of Ramadan. This is while the so-called human rights groups are still silent as they look like to be deaf and blind. The United States which had promised to help the ceasefire restored and aids continue flowing to the Gazans, is yet to do something helpful to the process. One of the children in the Gaza Strip cried with a loud voice describing the heartbreaking situation of the Gazans for more than five months, particularly when just there were few days to the holy month of Ramadan. The teenager, in (about) 10 years of his age said that Muslims are concerned about their situation in the holy month of Ramadan, but they have experienced death, distraction, hunger, famine, and remaining alone. The economic situation of our people is also very bad and taking in mind the abovementioned beauties and privileges of the holy month of Ramada, the entire national traders should join hands to help our needy people and provide them with enough breakingfast all over the holy fasting month. Let’s work for the welfare of our people and do our best to provide edible items for them during the holy fasting days, let’s work hard to provide food for thousands of destitute people, orphans, women and other poverty-stricken families. Bushra Parnian

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.