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Ramadan; the month of blessing, forgiveness and self-acquaintance

The holy month of Ramadan will begin on Monday, March 11, or Tuesday, March 12, depending on the sighting of the new moon. The dawn-to-dusk fast lasts anywhere from 12 to 17 hours, depending on which part of the world you are in. The holy month of Ramadan is considered as the month of worship and piety. During the holy month of Ramadan, Muslims living in each corner of the world observe fast, do good deeds, and avoid bad deeds. It is a month of deep connectivity between Allah and his servants and this connectivity is tightened through heart and soul by observing fast and keeping piety. When human being deeply sees this great verdict of the Almighty Allah, they will reach the fact that self-acquaintance is the start of knowing the Almighty Allah. The month of Ramadan is also called the month of blessing, the month of forgiveness, the month of dignity, the month of repentance, the month of self-acquaintance and the month that gives opportunity to human beings to do all the good deeds. It is a month during which the Holy Quran has been revealed to Mohammad (PBUH) and has one of the best nights when even angels come down to earth and take good deeds of pious Muslims up. It is a month the name of which has been mentioned several times in the Holy Quran. According to Islamic traditions, all heavenly books have been revealed during this month; therefore, the holy month of Ramadan is the month of revealing of heavenly books and the month of learning and education. Muslims should know the philosophy of the holy month of Ramadan and observe it in a better way. It is a month of peace, friendship, unity and worship. During this holy month, the people should keep calm rather than bother his and her Muslim brothers. Particularly, armed opponent groups should leave the people to worship during this holy month and avoid violence and killing innocent civilians. According to ulama and religious scholars, the holy month of Ramadan is the month of peace and avoidance of sins; therefore, all Muslims are asked to avoid any kind of sins and bad deeds and pay attention to worshiping and doing good deeds. During the holy month of Ramadan, insulting, and harming another Muslim brother and all kinds of bad deeds are forbidden and all the Muslims are convinced to be patient and help their Muslim brothers. It is quite clear that observing fast never means ‘no eating or no drinking’, but observing fast has conditions that should be observed in order to have and observe the fast at its full extent. Muslims should avoid doing all unpleasant and bad deeds all the time in particularly during the holy month of Ramadan. The holy month of Ramadan is a good opportunity for doing good deeds, working to reach peace and friendship and avoiding violence and enmity among the people in the society; therefore, we should all make efforts to not lose this opportunity.

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.