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Quake suffered Heratis should not be forgotten

In addition to tolerating long wars, Afghanistan is also a land prone to accidents and continues to suffer natural disasters such as earthquakes, floods and other incidents and has more become a vulnerable country. A few days ago, strong earthquakes jolted the country’s western province of Herat, in where nearly three thousand of people have been martyred, thousands of others wounded after mire than 13 districts were completely destroyed. The people’s situation is very heartbreaking and shocking, the residents of the province are suffering homelessness, destitution and fear on one hand, and on the other, by passing each day the weather gets colder and various diseases such as cold, cough affect the poor people survived the strong quake. The situation of the destitute people of the province is really painful and sad and it hurts the heart of every human being. Now, is the time that the people, especially the country’s national traders not to hesitate to help and support the suffering people of the ancient Herat. The situation is extremely critical and the poor and destitute people of Herat are in the depths of disaster and are facing with a huge and shocking crisis. But what is important and constructive after this tragic event is that domestic and foreign aid agencies, governmental and nongovernmental organizations including as well as national businessmen should rush to the scene of the accident and unwaveringly offer their Islamic and humanitarian aids to the victims and those who have lost their loved ones and their houses have been destroyed. As you can see, despite the cold weather, thousands of families have to spend their days and nights homeless as they are facing countless problems. It is necessary for the whole world, especially for the people of Afghanistan to not be incompetent in this great and heartbreaking incident and to rush to take the hands of the grieving Heratis. The urgent needs of the affected residents such as clothes, tents, food and medicines should be addressed as soon as possible and their basic problems should be solved. It is the responsibility of the Islamic Emirate’s telated organs to support and provide necessary assistance and services for the residents of the province and draw the attention of the world, especially the Islamic countries toward the grave tragic incident. May Allah grant paradise for the martyrs, soon recovery to the injured and patient to the families of this deadly incident.

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.