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Qatar urges international community to cooperate with Afghanistan

The Prime Minister of Qatar considers glo bal cooperation with Afghanistan crucial for preventing a major crisis. During a joint press conference with the German Foreign Minister in Doha, the Prime Minister and Foreign Minister of Qatar emphasized the importance of global cooperation with Afghanistan to prevent a significant crisis. This comes as the Islamic Emirate has repeatedly called for recognition by the international community, stating that their recognition would address global concerns regarding human rights in Afghanistan. “The Islamic Emirate is committed to making efforts to address concerns regarding human rights as well we are trying to find a solution for the issues which have not been addressed yet,” said Zabihullah Mujahid. Some Afghan citizens and political analysts have different views on this matter. Qatar has played a significant role in the political affairs of Afghanistan since the Islamic Emirate took over, analysts told in an interview with The Kabul Times correspondent. Besides having good ties with the Islamic Emirate, Qatar has emphasized reopening schools and universities for girls in Afghanistan. The officials of the Islamic Emirate have stated that these issues will be resolved, and the Afghan people will also strive to fulfill the commitments made by the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan to the citizens of Afghanistan. “We believe in a developed Afghanistan under the Islamic Emirate’s sovereignty as certain changes have been made in Afghanistan’s economy in less than two years. And the progress made in the economic sector and other domestic aspects of Afghanistan in a short time. The Afghan people believe all the problems will be addressed gradually,” said Shahryar, a citizen of Kabul. “The current government in Afghanistan can also progress, develop, and achieve its various goals within the framework defined in the scope of Islam, thereby aligning itself with the global community,” said Meisam Kazemi, a political analyst. The Islamic Emirate welcomed Qatar’s stance toward cooperation with Afghanistan, saying that the IEA is trying to resolve human rights-related concerns in Afghanistan. In a meeting between the Prime Minister and the Foreign Minister of Qatar, and the German Foreign Minister, concerning human rights in Afghanistan, the Qatari Foreign Minister Mohammed bin Abdulrahman Al-Thani, also emphasized the importance of women’s rights, particularly in providing opportunities for women’s education in Afghanistan. Both sides stressed the importance of having the international community continue cooperating to enhance the capabilities of the people and empower them against any internal crises, and the importance of moving forward in building peace, respecting human rights, especially women’s rights, providing education for girls and achieving development for all segments of Afghan society, According to a statement of Qatar’s Foreign Ministry. “We emphasize promoting human rights, especially women’s rights, and creating an opportunity for girls’ education, as well as development for all Afghan people,” the Prime Minister and Foreign Minister of Qatar further added. Earlier, Qatar’s Foreign Ministry said that the country has been a key mediator in addressing Afghanistan’s challenge and trying to create a political path between Afghanistan and the international community. Meanwhile, the Islamic Emirate government has ensured all-around security in Afghanistan. And other countries can reopen their embassies in the country, resume their operations, and establish good ties with the IEA to address all the issues with Afghanistan. Shukria Khohistani

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.