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Qashqari crude oil worth over $10 mln sold via free bidding, ministry

KABUL: The Ministry of Mines and Petroleum, in a statement on Sunday, said that 20,000 tons of crude oil that had been extracted from the Qashqari oilfields in the Amu Darya oil basin have been sold for 10 million U.S. dollars through a bidding process. The bidding ceremony was attended by the acting Minister of Mines and Petroleum Shaikh Shahabuddin Delawar and representatives of several domestic companies, said the statement. Ten domestic companies attended the bidding ceremony, and Qaisar Baba Ltd was able to successfully purchase the crude oil by offering the highest price of 10 million U.S. dollars, the statement further said. According to the statement, 130,000 tons of crude oil worth 71.6 million U.S. dollars have been sold within the last ten days of the current Jawza month, the statement added. The Kabul Times

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.