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Qargha water dam overflows following recent rainfalls

Qargha is a dam and reservoir about 15 kilometers west of KabulQargha near Kabul, the capital. Qargha Dam was built in 1951 during the kingdom of Mohammad Zahir. The Qargha reservoir and its peripheral areas also provide for recreation facilities such as boating, surfing, golfing, etc. and has a hotel on its bank. There is a fishery development in the reservoir supported by a hatchery on its banks. Irrigation and hydropower developments have also been planned from the stored waters of the reservoir. The reservoir is a local dam and its material is made of impermeable soil. This dam has a control tower where there are three gates and the dam is adjusted through these gates The local dam with its 400- meter length and 30-meter height has the capacity to irrigate one hectare of land. The dam now irrigates the areas of Deh Araban, Badam Bagh, Police Academy, University of Education, Polytechnic University, Afghan Crescent Society and Bagh Bala. In the past, the dam was used to irrigate 2 hectares of land. The water of the dam is flowing through a canal from Qala-e-Malek area below Paghman district. The dam has a capacity of 12 million cubic meters of water, of which 4 million cubic is water that cannot be used, while 8 million of it can be used. The water at the dam has increased following recent rainfalls. People visiting the dam are happy about the increasing of water at the dam. “Now we can go anywhere to visit beautiful sites of the country as the security has improved with the Islamic Emirate takeover in mid-August 2021,” said Waisuddin Aslami, a resident of Herat who’s currently visiting Kabul, the capital. He added that due to recent continued rainfalls, the water at the Qargha dam has increased, hoping that more people will come from different provinces to visit the dam. Rayaz, a resident of Kabul who owns a boat at the Qargha dam, said that fortunately, the water volume has increased recently, adding that more visitors were rushing to the dam during the Eid days. Meanwhile, officials of the dam say the Qargha reservoir has been partially destroyed due to war. According to the officials, in early 2006, parts of the dam particularly the internal canals of the reservoir were renovated by an Indian company. It is worth mentioning that the reservoir is considered as one of the most amazing tourist and attracting sites for both locals and foreigners. It is working as a source of water for the whole town and is the best source of hydroelectricity for the country. A highway is the most using way to the reservoir. It is surrounded by a number of small hills making a beautiful natural environment which adds to the beauty of Qargha reservoir. Saida Ahmadi

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.