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Public universities’ problems to be addressed, official

KABUL: To address the problems of the state-run universities, Lutfullah Khairkhwa, deputy Minister of Higher Education, said that all public varsities’ problems would be addressed, a statement from the ministry said the other day. “Visiting Paktia to evaluate the provincial university situation, for a future plan, the deputy minister said: There are 39 government-owned universities and institutions across the country, some of which have been visited and with their problems identified that were not approached in the past. He said that many universities lacked well-equipped laboratories, libraries, buildings, power systems and faced countless technical problems. “He added that they had partially addressed these issues and were planned to remove the remaining. “He said that master and PhD degrees in foreign countries would continue as usual and many countries have pledged to help in this regard.” Speaking to Paktia university officials, Khairkhwa said that it was a new university and need more work to be done.“Obaidullah Akhundzada, Paktia University chancellor said that classes at Paktia University had started on time and no lecturer had gone abroad.
He said that some faculties of Paktia University lacked buildings, libraries, laboratories and other necessary facilities. It is to be noted that Paktia University has nine faculties with around 7,000 students out of which 500 are girls.
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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.