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Public support for environment protection is a must

By: Massouda Qarizada

As an important serviceable body, The Kabul Municipality (KM) has always been endeavoring to keep clean the capital roads and reflect urban order.
In an interview with The Kabul Time reporter, media in charge of KM Ghulam Maroof Alizai said, “Since the outset of 1399 solar year we have started this campaign.
We started to arrange vendors and establish urban facilities. In 22 urban districts we carried out this campaign with relative result.
Alizai went on to say, we managed to remove venders carts and reduce citizens problems. We are determined to continue this process and improve the capital urban order.
He added, unfortunately after clearing of the capital roads and streets we face the problem again. MoI and Kabul Traffic Department have not grantee essential cooperation.
He added, as a step we want to biometric all venders and specifying their permanent location of business and they would pay taxes. We have supplied different carts to venders and some people have rented their carts to vendor and we prevented those people.
A number of vendors are not satisfy with those measures said. We make legal business. We don’t theft or don’t beg. Authorities should specifying a certain location to us.
Ahmad Shah a vendor in Saray-e-Shamali area said, “We are every day disturbed by police, municipality employers, traffic police, contractors and power mongers in this area. We have to pay every day for several authorities request and take money on different pretexts. Kabul municipality taxes and revenue employees request cash money. We don’t know what to do? Where to go? Who would listen to our complaints and cry? Ahmad Jawed a student of Kabul university talking on crowds in the capital roads said, “Every morning whenever we come to Pul-e-Bagh-e-Omomi, we see that the roads and sidewalks are filled and occupied by vendors while the road from Pul-e-Bagh-e-Omomi to Shah-e-Doshamshera is one way street and on the middle of the road venders have lined up and disturb traffic and pedestrians people are fed up with this situation? In the past too similar measures were undertaken by different relevant bodies to improve capital order as they removed some barriers in various places.

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.