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Public awareness needed to eliminate violence against women

Nov, 25 is the international day of eradication of violence against women, the day that nominated for giving awareness to women about overt and covert forms of violence against them and its eradication.
The international day of eradication of violence against women that celebrates worldwide is an opportunity to reflect the achievements made by women.
Now, women play important role in our society as teacher, physician, nurse as well as civil and military personnel in the rows of defence and security forces.
There are much hopes for coming generations of our country.
At least, two million girls are going to school while during the rule of Taliban no one of girl was permitted to go to school.
The position and personality of women in public opinion and minds is indicator of standard of awareness and cultural growth of people about the position of women in the society.
In the society that family kept its framework is ruled by man. The latter narrates first and last word and others have no right even to give consultation.
Among them girls and women would be more deprived comparing others.
The society that man rules in institution of family in a society as dictatorship, girls and women would be part of weakened and deprived individuals.
Those hurdles imposed on women in harsh condition of the society and today is appeared as a cultural belief.
Active participation of women in political, economic, social and cultural activities is an issue that since long is facing with impediments in great part of the country and these impediments are formed in different frameworks of social, religious and unpleasant customs of various classes.
In such a state, women are drawn to margin and are imprisoned at home.
Because of being far from social, cultural and economic activities, majority of women are facing with mental stagnancy.
As comparing men, women physical abilities are differ, because of it, some limitations are existed in their partnership in social activities and such difference is existed naturally in them.
While there are some activities such as being mother, breast feeder, treating of children that men fell short of doing it.
When children become young and missioned to a duty, women feel themselves satisfied.
Mother summarize her responsibility in training and treatment of her children sans doing for herself.
She thinks reaching to fruition by children means reaching her to it.
They regard making generation is one of their important duties. This causes creation of distance between them and growth.
If it was due the existence of hurdles be removed from the way of women and certain their position in the society, it necessitates the cultural beliefs of the society be amended. These beliefs stem from numerous political, geographical, social and economic factors, such belief drawn women towards having no trust to herself and vice versa men feel themselves better.
In a society that all beliefs be imitated blindly it is not far, the violence against women to be taken place in the society.
Beating, premature marriages, stoning, cutting of their limbs of body, burning etc. were experienced in the societies living with low culture and ignorance and we are witnessing such violences against women world-wide. The case of Farkhunda shocked the world.
But what was necessary her case was not investigated. Our people were not the witnesses of open trial of culprits.
Unfortunately in our courts, the cases of violence don’t be treated as it is necessary. It seems so far, in our courts, there are some dual treats that is ignoring in a manner.
This causes some ones to resort to further violence against women in the society.
Fighting against violence should begin from family and extended to society.
The role of media in the connection is prominent and the same should enlighten the people’s mind.
Violence causes complex and it creates in some extent crisis in the society.
So, to have a calm and prosperous life, we should fight against all sorts of violences seriously.
Suraya Raiszada

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