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Protecting public facilities Afghans’ responsibility

By: Shukria Kohistani

Attack on public facilities, following the recent war and violence, has caused grave concern for the Afghan citizens.
In the latest intensified insecurities and growing violence, many public utilities have been destroyed in different restive parts of the country.
Over the last few years, many construction projects have been run and completed with high cost, the damage of which lays direct impact on the people lives.
In many suburban districts, militants kept continuing destruction of public facilities after their attack on the government forces positions in the provincial centers and other strategic regions.
In their latest attempt, the Taliban militants wanted to destroy the Shah-o-Arus dam in Kabul but failed as the walls have been built as powerful as to collapse. However the walls have been partially damaged. The National Water Management Authority of the country has also confirmed that the walls of the Salma Dam in Herat and that of Shah-o-Arus in Kabul province, have come under attack by the militants, but failed.
They have managed to destroy the security posts around the dams.
The vicious actions of the insurgents caused delay in the construction work of the projects.
The office of the National Water Management Authority called on the Taliban to not attempt the destruction of the dams as they are the national assets.
Construction work of the Shah-o-Arus Dam in Shakar Dara district of Kabul province, has been completed and is due to be utilized, the office said.
Funded by India, work on Salma Dam has been completed few years ago in Herat province, where insurgents have been reported to attack the dam during its work process.
Three bridges and small bridges have also been reported blown up by the Taliban in Surkhrod district connecting three more suburban districts with Jalalabad, the provincial capital of Nangarhar province.
Locals at the two sides of the exploded bridges wait for hours to cross; even patients and those carrying dead bodies have to wait for several hours under the stinging weather at the two sides of the destroyed bridges.
The people of Afghanistan ask the Taliban to not explode the bridges and not damage public utilities as the price will only be paid by the ordinary people.
Experts believe that all the country’s national assets will ruin and the people will absolutlly suffer heavy losses if the situation continues the same.
President Ghani has recently confirmed that the public facilities have suffered a heavy loss of up to $1 billion due to the Taliban attacks in few months.

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.