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Projects worth 780m Afghani to be implemented in Kabul

KABUL: Three projects costing up to 780 million Afghani (about 9,024,600 U.S. dollars) are expected to be executed in the capital Kabul, as the Economic Commission of the Islamic Emirate gave the go-ahead to the major development schemes on Saturday. In a meeting of the Economic Commission, chaired by the Deputy Prime Minister for Economic Affairs, Mullah Abdul Ghani Beradar, the Kabul Municipality’s proposed projects were approved Saturday, a statement from the deputy minister’s office said. “The schemes would be executed in the 1st and 9th police districts of the capital, where markets for dried fruits and a standard center for their exhibition would be constructed at a cost of 388 million Afghani,” the statement added. Also, a residential and commercial center worth 392 million Afghani (some 4,535,440 U.S. dollars) would be constructed on the area of around 1,630 square meters in the 9th district, according to the statement. The Kabul Times

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.