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Professional commissioners essential for IEC, IECC

It is determined that new commissioners of the country’s electoral commissions will be soon declared. According to deputy spokesperson to Independent Election Commission (IEC) Zabihullah Sadaat, part of the IEC’s works as declaring the final results of the rest of provinces has faced with problems due to the absence of commissioners.
“The IEC’s request from the government is to introduce new commissioners as soon as possible so that we can declare final results of the rest of provinces. Besides, we want to follow other works relevant to presidential, provincial council, district council elections as well as parliamentary elections for Ghazni province,” Sadaat added.
The request by IEC was made after 17 presidential candidates cast votes for selection of new electoral commissioners the other day.
Sayed Asmatullah Mal, Mawlana Mohammad Abdullah, Mohammad Qasim Elyasi, Awrangzib, Musafer Quqandi, Hawa Alam Nooristani, Habib Rahman Nang, Mohammad YounisTughra, Chaman Shah Etimadi, Mohammad Zakir Zaki, Mohammad Hanif Daneshyar, Gitee, Zuhra Bayan Shinwari and Sayed Qutb Roydar were among individuals who have got mostly votes cast by presidential candidates.
President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani has said in consideration to gender and ethnic combination, final list of new commissioners of the country’s electoral commissions will be soon declared.
Experience of the country’s parliamentary elections has shown that presence of unprofessional and unacquainted with technic of holding elections can create lots of problems for the people and government.
Incapability of IEC and ECC’s commissioners in management of parliamentary elections has caused that even a number of Afghan citizens are deprived from the right of voting. Four months passed from parliamentary elections, but final results have not been declared so far. It is not clear when the new parliament is inaugurated.
After new commissioners take responsibility for running the IEC and ECC, they should start their work with full precision and thoughtfulness and hold the upcoming presidential, provincial and district councils’ elections with full transparency.
President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani in a decree issued on Feb 12 modified the elections law based on which head of secretariats and commissioners for Independent Election Commission (IEC) and Electoral Complaints Commission (ECC) were fired from their posts. The country’s President took the step after serious criticism raised in connection with frauds and violations in the previous parliamentary elections held four months ago.
This comes after civil society organizations and political parties have introduced 84 individuals including 14 women for the membership of electoral commissions. Civil society organizations had said that at least 144 candidates had submitted their applications for membership of the election commissions. According to them, 15 candidates were picked for further proceedings. 
It is worth mentioning that the political parties and civil society institutions have been constantly saying that effective and professional candidates should be picked by government to lead the election commissions.
Lailuma Noori

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