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Problems of Afghan refugees and responsibilities

Both government and the international community are responsible for addressing the challenges, the Afghan refugees are facing in the host countries. For decades, millions of Afghans have been living as refugees in regional and world countries due to foreign invasions and civil wars. They have experienced difficulties and suffered death or injuries on their way to reach Europe or other countries of the world due to some economic problems, unemployment and other reasons and the problem is still ongoing on. In the host countries, Afghan refugees are mostly facing bans on free business, education, travel, economic and social issues. This is why under sure security in the country, most of them stay in their country and run some small businesses. They see living in their country better than leaving for other countries. Although accepting so many refugees is the favor of the host countries; however, against international migration norms and laws, the host countries use Afghan refugees as a means of pressure and always use this way to get more privileges in the political and economic fields from the Afghan governments. It is important that the government and the international community do their responsibilities in addressing the challenges facing Afghan refugees. The Afghan government has two types of responsibilities in terms of protecting the rights of its citizens: one is to find a permanent solution to the issue of Afghan refugees and to put an end to migration, which is a long-term responsibility, and the second is the urgent responsibility, according to which could reduce the problems of Afghan refugees. It is the responsibility of the Islamic Emirate to provide better opportunities for its citizens at home in work, education, health and other areas of life. Of course, this method requires constant effort and a lot of time. If the government is successful in this regard, not only will the process of emigration from the country be controlled, but the refugees who are abroad will also return to the country and contribute to the reconstruction and development of the country. On the other hand, the short-term responsibility of the government to discuss in detail with the host countries through diplomatic channels, and through the United Nations High Commission for Refugees (UNHCR) and other international humanitarian organizations, to put pressure on these countries to stop using violence against Afghan refugees and remain committed to international laws. As immigration is an international issue and Afghanistan is on the list of countries that have millions of refugees, the international community also has a series of obligations in addressing their problems alongside the Islamic Emirate. The refugees should be provided with long-term assistance while returning home and they should fulfill their responsibility in terms of providing housing and employment for the refugees within the country.

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.