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Privileges of Lailat-ul-Qadr

Qadr means grandeur. So Lailatu-ul Qadr “Night of Qadr” is better than thousand months. This proves from third verse of Qadr chapter.
Similarly, “Qadr” means destiny. This means that within this night, the destiny of human-beings is determined again.
In this night, Almighty Allah sends His instructions by Angels to be executed.
Considering the chapters of Dukhan, Qadr and sayings of prophet Mohammad (PBUH) the night of Qadr is the best night of the year and is enjoying from peculiarities that other nights are lacking.
The night of revealing of Holy Quran:
One of the reasons behind grandeur of this night is revealing of holy Quran and Allah the Almighty says: we sent Quran in worthy night of Qadr, the fasting month is the month that the holy Quran is revealed in it, the book that distinguishes “Right” from “Wrong”.
The reward of praying, recitation of holy Quran, benevolence and other worshippings is thousands more comparing other time.
Thousand years is equal to eight years and four months, and those who perform worshipping, the reward given to them by Allah is equal to thousand times comparing others.
The messenger of Islam, Hazrat-i-Mohmmad (PBUH) says: Those muslims who believe in resurrection day keep awake till dawn, all his/her sins are forgiven.
According to narrations, as a whole, the holy Quran is revealed to prophet Mohammad (PBUH) in this night and gradually is completed within 23 years according to the need.
All miracles including Gabriel are revealing to the earth and offer salutation to those muslims who are praying and are awaken.
The Qadr night is a good opportunity to clean their hearts and replace the goodnesses to evilnesses, tyranny and reconcile with other muslim brethren.
We should be awaken in this benevolent night, pray to Almighty Allah for ridding of hell.
Likewise, we observe this holy month in a time that in our environment, a great number of families go to a sleep with empty stomach.
Mercifulness in this month causes our Almighty Allah to forgive us.
In one of his sayings, the prophet Mohammad (PBUH) orders his muslim umma to render mercy to their muslim brothers and the mercy of Allah is hidden in it.
So, we should help the needy compatriots and prepare a loaf of bread for them.
Because, this month is the month of assistance.
As of over four decades, our people are victimizing by imposed and proxy wars, keeping aflame by our enemies. Poverty is the outcome of this war, the holy month of Ramadan taught us the lesson of benevolence and humanism.
So, rendering assistance to needy compatriots has enormous reward and we should gain the will of our creator in this month.

Masouda Qarizada

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.