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Private telecommunication companies’ customers complain failed SIM re-registration process

A number of Kabul residents who refer to the telecommunication networks to reregister and receive SIM cards complain about the slow distribution and process and disorders in the registration of their SIM cards, by the companies officials in the capital Kabul. They said that they waited long to receive a SIM from a private telecommunication company, but they were asked to return the next day due to the heavy crowd at the gate and office of the companies. “I referred two times to register my AWCC SIM card, but failed due to heavy crowds and disorder in the registration and distribution process,” said Karimullah who added that he had referred to the company’s distribution center multiple times but failed to register his SIM card. However, he added that he had already registered his SIM card but the company frequently made phone calls to register it again or it would be rejected. Also, Roshan Company, which is one of the popular telecommunication networks is blamed for the failure to duly register or distribute SIM cards to its customers, after they receive tens of phone calls and messages from its customer service center. “I received tens of phone calls and messages from the Roshan Customer Service Center for registering my SIM Card, while I had already registered my SIM Card. One day, I referred to the center, but there was no turn. The officials and personnel of the network were not even ready to listen to my word that I have already registered it,” complained Sadeq, a Kabul resident, who blamed the companies for creating headaches for the customers. “They are just creating headaches for us. We have already registered, but they are not ready to hear from us about the problems. They asked the companies to set orders and turns for their customers when they are asked for the registration of their SIM Cards or wanted to receive the new ones. The private telecommunication companies resumed registration of their SIM Cards by repeatedly calling customers and sending them messages for referring to their Customers Services Centers for registering their SIM Cards and warning that their SIM Cards would be rejected in case of their failure. Mukhtar Safi

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.