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Prioritizing public service primary duty of government

Any government and administration formed in the world are obligated to serve their people and nation, providing them with conveniences and comfort. A government that satisfies the people will have a strong foundation, and its longevity will be enduring. In the past, we witnessed governments that seized control of the country through force and deception, riding on the shoulders of the oppressed. However, it was evident that those governments lacked solid foundations and soon crumbled and fell apart. After the Islamic Emirate emerged victorious after years of struggle against oppression, it was necessary to spare no effort in serving the people. Fundamental and foundational actions need to be taken for the people who have suffered grief and pain. Our country’s people have genuinely endured various forms of oppression and crimes over the past two decades. The tyrants and corrupt elements of the republic usurped their lands, homes, and possessions. The strangers and people experiencing poverty were crushed under the scythe of their injustice, and they were in dire straits due to their tyranny. Every day, they prayed for the downfall of those regimes. All systems that did not serve the people eventually collapsed and were thrown into the dustbin of history Current politicians must strive to create job opportunities, educational prospects, and more to win the hearts of the people. The higher and more important the position, the more significant the service becomes. Based on this principle, the divine duty of the prophets towards the people was the highest, and their services were deserving of broader attention. The concept that the state should provide services to its citizens is rooted in the idea of governance that focuses on the welfare and well-being of the population. This approach is often associated with the social contract theory, where individuals give up certain freedoms to a governing authority in exchange for protection, security, and essential services. Here are key points regarding the state providing services to its citizens. Essential services typically include education, healthcare, infrastructure (such as roads and utilities), public safety, and social welfare programs. Providing these services aims to create a society where citizens have access to the resources and support necessary for a decent quality of life. Social welfare programs, unemployment benefits, and poverty alleviation initiatives are examples of how the state addresses the needs of its citizens. One of the principles underlying the provision of services is the idea of equal access. Governments strive to ensure that all citizens, regardless of socio-economic status, have access to essential services. Infrastructure projects, including transportation, utilities, and communication networks, contribute to economic development and the overall well-being of citizens. Investments in healthcare and education are considered critical for the development of human capital. Healthy and educated citizens are seen as vital contributors to a nation’s progress. The state is responsible for establishing and maintaining legal and judicial systems to uphold justice, protect citizens’ rights, and ensure the rule of law. During times of crisis, whether natural disasters, public health emergencies, or economic downturns, the state is expected to respond effectively to safeguard its citizens. The provision of services by the state is often subject to democratic processes, where governments are elected based on their promises and performance in addressing citizens’ needs. While the state’s role in providing services is widely accepted, debates often arise regarding the extent of government involvement, the balance between public and private sectors, and the most effective and efficient ways to deliver services to the citizens. Muqset

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.