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Prices still high as first ten days of mercy observed

The holy month of Ramadan is well underway and the first days of Rahmat is completed, as Muslims, across the country, take fast between early morning and sunset for 29 or 30 days.

The holy month is actually divided into three separate parts with ten days in each stage. The first ten days or the first stage of the holy month is called Rahmat meaning mercy of Allah Almighty, as the fasting men and women are expected to seek mercy and blessing from their Allah.

The first tenth day which is the stage of prayers involve taking the time to visit or call family members and relatives we don’t often see, showing kindness and compassion, doing good, forgiving people’s mistakes and asking people to forgive you for any wrongs you have done to them.

Seeking mercy and blessing of Allah through prayers is a spiritual matter belonging to one’s own issue, but giving mercy to others and those in need through helping them financially and providing them with food throughout the specific days of fasting. During the holy month of Ramadan, particularly in the first ten days of Rahmat, all Muslims have to display mercy through acts of charity, by treating others well and helping people in need whenever they can. But, this is not restricted with offering prayers or feeding the people, but the merchants and businesspeople should not only avoid raising the prices, but also, decreased them enough for the needy people could buy. The ten days of mercy have now gone and we are at the threshold of the second ten days of forgiveness. In other Islamic countries, Muslims welcome holy fasting days with reduced prices. Merchants and food sellers obey the orders of their Islamic systems to offer foods and other essentials for free for the fasting people. Rich people provide Iftary and Sahari (breaking fast and early fast) for their needy brothers. But, in our country, where the people have just emerged from the war, following the takeover of the country by the Islamic Emirate and are affected by consecutive droughts and long food scarcity, the businessmen, unfairly, increase the prices and leave the people in need remain still needy, while and expect a real mercy from those who can help them financially and are waiting for who will help them with a kilo of edible item.

During the past governments, there was no news about decrease in the prices, rather traders have their own choices to elevate the prices and there was no one to question them for their unfair acts. Under the Islamic system, everything should differ and the problems of the citizens should be taken in mind and solved duly. The related organs of the Islamic Emirate, particularly the Kabul Municipality has earlier announced that it had set a price level for the primary food items, including flour, rice, cooking oil, etc. while, the people still complain about hikes in prices. In order to help the prices, remain stable, the Prices Control Department should be revitalized and further strengthened to monitor the prices countrywide, particularly in the capital with thousands of poor citizens and bring the law-violating sellers to justice.

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.