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Prices skyrocketing, as people storm to buy essentials for Eid-al-Fitr

It’s nearly 11 days to the Eid-al-Fitr, with the Afghans storming to the markets to buy essentials to traditionally celebrate the religious festivity. However, from the viewpoint of the Islamic teachings, it is called Israf (squander) and prohibited as haram (unlawful) when one squanders in spending something beyond need. Anyway, people need to buy essentials other than what needed is traditionally to mark the upcoming religious festival and use during the remaining days of the fasting month, after the Kabul Municipality announced it had arranged commodities, particularly, food-items with fair prices, but, no tangible change is seen in the prices. Not only, items needed for the celebration of Eid, but the prices of other goods, such as flour, rice, beans, etc., are still expensive even going higher than ever. On the other hand, hundreds of tons of edible items are being distributed to thousands of destitute Afghans across the country, but, the mass distribution of the aids has not been seen to have impacted the prices. In the very days, more than 6,000 people (not clear if deserved) received aids, including flour, cooking oil, bean and other primary edible items in Nangarhar, Kabul and Maidan Wardak provinces, while since the start of the international assistance in Afghanistan, the process has been implemented in all provinces of the country. But the prices are still expensive or going higher and this looks like nothing the people have so far received the aids. Two key issues should be taken in mind; one the distribution process should be transparent and besides the process is being run through independent organs, but the IEA relevant organs have the right to monitor for its transparency and the second the Ministry of Order to Virtue and Prohibition from Vice should conduct full religious awareness about the unlawfulness of expenditures during the three days of Eid. The ministry, here can play its role and inform the people about the unlawfulness of what they spend during the religious holidays. This is also, the direct responsibility of the Kabul municipality to investigate in the issue to ascertain why this happens and why the prices set by it is not minded in the city’s markets or absolutely maybe the distributing teams were in collusion with the recipients. Also, the entire whole-sale markets should be inspected and those packed with the assisted aids should be brought to the law and the sellers of the aids should be deprived of his/her next turns, in addition to being legally dealt with. If the situation continues the same, then how the organs under the Islamic system differed with those under the past corrupt regimes. The Kabul Municipality in a joint cooperation with the related organs can do this and they had to appoint a transparent and committed committee to investigate why the sellers are violating the set prices and punish them in accordance with the law as well as reappoint the aid distributing teams in coordination with both governmental and non-governmental organizations to identify and enlist the deserved families. The move can prevent the possible wide corruption in aid distribution process, on one hand, and help the needy and deserved individuals receive the aids.

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.