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Press Review, Hiwad Daily:

The Emirati newspaper, Hiwad Daily has focused on various key topics in its recent issue as follows: “Afghanistan; a graveyard of empires [editorially]. Intellectually education of youths is important besides national unity. Construction of Azure Route is the top priority of the Islamic Emirate. National Procurement Commission approves contracts of 25 projects. Eighty communication sites were activated in Nangarhar and many others. The paper editorially, in its second page, has focused on the invasion of the world powers on Afghanistan and their shameful defeat, saying Afghanistan, for its appropriate geography, has become a battlefield for the invaders and occupants in the course of history. “This has more often happened that the invaders and occupants have faced harsh historical defeat prior to reaching their goals to occupy the country,” said the daily. “…after India, considering their policy, the British invaders opened their way to Afghanistan and following signing a contract with the elusive Shah Shija (the then ruler of Afghanistan) and entered Afghanistan, through Baluchistan and Bulan territories,” said the paper editorially. In its first page, the paper quoted the office of the Deputy Prime Minister for Political Affairs, Mawlavi Abdul Kabir, said that the youths should be educated intellectually besides ensuring national unity in the country. “Now, time to use the chance and work for the intellectual education of the youths,” said the paper reiterating the need for ensuring national unity among different tribes of the country. Likewise, the paper, in its first page, the paper called construction of the Azure Route, one of the most important goals of the Islamic Emirate and quoting the Islamic Emirate’s Minister of Foreign Affairs said: “The country’s Foreign Minister, Amir Khan Muttaqi, following his second visit to the neighboring Turkmenistan and his meeting with the Turkmen authorities, talked on increase in the transportation, expansion of railway along the Torghundi ground port and providing further facilities for the Afghan traders in the Turkmenbashi Port,” said the paper. As one of its important topics, captioned ‘National Procurement Commission meeting which was presided over by the Deputy Economic Prime Minister, Mullah Abdul Ghani Beradar, approved 25 projects’, the paper went on as saying that the commission approved up to 25 projects costing up to 8 billion (some 109,131,000 U.S dollars) to be launched in some parts of the country. Other topics such as ‘Bayat Power Company to increase the capacity of gas-fired power generation. Children with heart hole problems would be provided with treatments in private hospitals. Costing $17 million commodities exported abroad from Paktia. Thousands of acres of lands reclaimed from usurpers…’ have also been published in the first and other pages of the government-run daily. Mukhtar Safi

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.