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Presidential candidates should respect national interests: citizens

By: Suraya Raiszada

With the beginning of electoral campaigns, a number of candidates chanting anti-national interests slogans and said, the elections would not be held.
A question raises here that why they have nominated themselves and chanting slogans against it.
In believe of experts and citizens, the nominates should chant slogans within their authority, because experiences have shown that usually many promises are given to people during electoral campaigns but most of them have not been implemented.
Malalay a teacher in Isteqlal high school said, nowadays it has been seen that a number of those who have nominated themselves for upcoming presidential elections, chant anti election slogans. For instance, in the outset of electoral campaign, one of the candidates said, way is not paved for presidential elections and the process should be delayed.
According to this teacher, if its so, why he has nominated himself and invest huge amount for his campaigns. I expect them to prioritize national interests during their campaigns.
She emphasized that now election has been changed to a national priority for the people and government and enjoys importance as the only democratic instrument for electing of next president of the country. So all of us must make joint efforts for transparency of this decisive process.
In opinion of experts, fortunately, most of the presidential nominates are families to our people and people are acquainted with their identity and programs. But what is more important to our people, is this that, the presidential nominees should understand ground realities of our people and country.
They added, the Afghan people have experiences from several presidential elections and learn vital lessons. Now people expect the nominees to continue their campaigns void of ethnic, trible, linguistic discriminations and protect national values and interests and try to create positive conception to people so the upcoming election could be organized in a secure and peaceful atmosphere, transparently and void of fraud.
Talking on the electoral slogans of presidential nominees political commentator said, the slogans of presidential nominees are expected not to be demagogical and in case of their victory should implement them respectively, because according to our people experience, from the previous elections, majority of slogans had not been implemented after the victory of nominees.
He added, unfortunately some nominees chant anti election slogans that could leave negative impacts on public opinions as if “the election would not be held and the people should not attend the polling stations”. The nominees should believe in elections.
People expect all nominees not to deal with their votes, listen the people silent voice and put an end to the current challenges.
The nominees’ slogans and programs should be inclusive and impractical and general slogans damage Afghanistan. One of the outcomes of carelessness to election could be a non-transparent election with controversial consequences that harms democracy and prevent establishment of an elected democratic administration.
Its generally believed that presidential elections are very important for future of democracy and political stability.
Therefore, all election observes, donors and the Afghan government must demarginalize presidential elections and make efforts for a transparent elections.
On Sep 28th Afghan people are expected to witness another decisive historical event and we hope the new administration would be accountable to our people needs.

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