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President Ghani urges scientists, youths to prevent repetition of history

KABUL: President of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, Mohammad Ashraf Ghani, during the inauguration ceremony of Kakar Foundation urged the academicians and the youth to prevent repetition of the past bitter events of the history, a statement from the Presidential Palace said Sunday.
The president said that Late Dr. Kakar was the man of pen, had been writing scientific works and interpreting very important works and despite this, he was a modest man, said the statement.
“After, Saur coup and Russian invasion of Afghanistan, Kakar took firm stance and underwent five years in prison,” said the president adding his works were a pride of the Afghans.
According to the President, Kakar wanted to teach others, through his historiography and his role in translation of the important works was like the historians of the first half of 20th century.
Kakar enjoyed own talent in translation of texts from English to Pashto, said the statement quoting the President.
The president went on as saying that his commemoration was not only commemoration of an individual, but of a tradition and advised that the country’s historians should remind the past positive and negative events of history and observe fairness.
He said Afghanistan was at the cultural, political and social crossroad of Asia and that this location should once again obtained.
The president urged educated and the young university students to prevent the repetition of bitter events to well understand the country’s history.
“Next year, we would jointly mark the millennium anniversary of Dari, Pashto and Uzbek history and the relation between the three languages,” said the country’s president.
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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.