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President Ghani stresses women’s rights in peace talks

KABUL: President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani addressing a gathering of around 2,000 women from around the country, stressed the need for preserving women’s rights in the peace process and said the issue should be given a special attention during the upcoming Loya Jirga on peace in Kabul, a statement from the Presidential Palace said on Thursday.
President Ghani called the event a historic day and said women are a force of positive change in the country.”You are no longer victims of decisions on the future of Afghanistan,” President Ghani reiterated. “No one can impose peace on us. A peace which is not sustainable is rejected.”
President Ghani also stressed the need for holding the upcoming elections and said the polls will prove significant for strengthening a democratic system in the country.
The President said Afghans are living as responsible citizens under the Constitution and that women’s message to Afghan forces is that they are protecting the Constitution.
The president went on saying that everyone should know Afghan women were no longer yesterday’s women, adding they are educated and active as well as committed to national unity.
Meanwhile the First Lady Rula Ghani said the gathering would ascertain views of women from across the country about the peace process and a resolution would be issued at the end of the meeting.
“All Afghans want peace, but we don’t know why conflict drags on; we no longer want war as we are tired of it, The government desires peace and has plans for it,” the first lady remarked.
“Women always think no one listens to our voice. That is wrong because we are the key pillars of the community. Our thoughts and concerns are important and should be heard,” she stressed.
Zainab Mowahid, one of the participants, highlighted the importance of women’s rights in Islam. The first wife of our prophet was a businesswoman. Islam does not oppose women’s economic activities.
She said: “I call on Afghan women to determine their status and contribution to peace talks. We should not allow anyone to misuse the rights of women.”
At the end the meeting issued a declaration, saying Afghan women demand Afghan-led peace talks, ceasefire, respecting women’s life, supporting the families of martyred soldiers and holding of transparent elections.
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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.