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President Ghani rings bell to inaugurate new educational year

KABUL: President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani during a brief ceremony rang the bell to inaugurate the new educational year at the Amani High School, on Monday.

The president congratulated the new school year for the entire students, particularly to those one million children who are freshly going to the educational institutions.

The ceremony was attended by the country’s First Lady, Dr. Mohammad Mirwais Balkhi, the Acting Minister of Education and a number of high-ranking government officials and teachers.

“The best of my moment, as a president, is that education children come to the Arg {The Presidential Palace} or during my journey to the provinces, I am welcomed by these nice children,” said the president.

He asked the minister of education to create a root of enthusiasm among the students for encouraging them to go to school and call it a pride of national unity, nor to dishearten them to say: “We don’t go to school.”

The president added that he promised last year to construct up to 6,000 schools, but there some problem facing the plan in term of coordination, which has been overcome to large extent.

According to the country’s president, construction work on up to 1,200 schools was underway and budget for 2,700 others has been allocated.

He said the ministry of urban development was authorized to allocate land for school building in consultation with the provincial governments and asked the entire local governments to prioritize land for building schools.

Some 11,000 new teachers will be hired this year and that nearly 2,700 new school buildings will be built countrywide, this week and all school teachers would have higher education within five years, said the president.

Up to 1000 teachers with over-bachelor would receive their license degree within service and an estimate of 57,000 high-school graduated teachers would get their over-bachelor degree during their school works. “The first phase of the five-year plan has been started and this year, thousands of teachers would use the process.”

As many as 2.12 million textbooks have been published and 37 million textbooks are expected to be published, President Ghani continued.

The president went on as saying: “Violence against teachers and students is not acceptable and the parents should feel secure while sending their children to schools.”

Minister of Education, Mohammad Mirwais Balkhi spoke on the issue and said up to one million new students will be enrolled in schools this year, while he said 3.7 million children were still out of schools.

The president asked the entire students of schools and universities to write various articles about development and introduction of villages, districts and provinces for the honor of the country’s 100th independence.

The president instructed the ministry of public health to provide the newly enrolled schoolchildren with mobile clinic to help them study with complete health.

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