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President Ghani receives Loy Kandahar youth, activist

Those kept Loy Kandahar children out of education have persecuted the homeland, we want to compensate the cruelty, President Ghani

KABUL: President of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, Mohammad Ashraf Ghani in a meeting with the Loy Kandahar youth assured that the torment made by those who kept Loy Kandahar children illiterate would be compensated, a statement from the Presidential Palace said Saturday.
About 400 youths and civil society activists, from Loy Kandahar including Zabul, Helmand, Uruzgan and Kandahar provinces on Friday shared issues related to their regions with the president asking him for doing more for development of the zone, the president’s office said.
They supported the president stance against powerful generation change and reforms process and praised the country’s president programs related to water control, peace, development, transit, economy, trade and development, the statement added.
They spoke about the development of the Loy Kandahar such as establishment greenhouses, marketing for agriculture products, agriculture growth, security, health, education, energy, industry, balanced development, drug control, construction of Zabul airport, industrial townships and water-dams and said they wanted peace but don’t to victimize the values.
They also suggested for building a medal after Malika Suraya to be conferred on the women serving the country by the First Lady, according to the statement.
President Ashraf Ghani has reacted to reports on a plan to establish an interim government in the country as part of a peace plan, and said the plan has been outlined outside the country and that it is not applicable in Afghanistan.

The president assured them of doing more to tackle all what suggested by the youths and reaffirmed that he was committed to reach peace in any mean.
He said those kept the Loy Kandahar children out of education have persecuted the country and he had to compensate what he described an anguish to the homeland.
“No one has gifted us this country, we have safeguarded with the sword of our ancestors and we are committed to protect it and help it reach peace and stability,” he said adding the key for the country’s development is in unity.
The president said at least one billion cubic-meter water would be reserved, after completion of Kajaki dam by Turkish investment and would produce up to hundred megawatt power.
Likewise, 600 hectares of lands would be irrigated and the Afghans would become self-sufficient in term of wheat products, as sources are prepared for construction of Dehla dam.
According to the president Afghanistan this year, would earn up to one billion U.S. dollar through Kandahar fresh fruit and Loy Paktia peanuts exports.

Touching on the ongoing peace process, President Ghani said Afghans are selecting the president of Afghanistan, not Islamabad, Tehran or Moscow.

He negated shaping an interim government and said those who are afraid of the people are talking about the interim government and this was a foreign scheme plotted outside the country and a failed plan, the statement quoted.
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