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President Ghani inaugurates power sub-station in Badghis

Accompanied by high ranking officials president Mohammad Ashraf Ghani inaugurating power station in Badghis

KABUL: Leading a high ranking delegation, President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani on Thursday traveled to northwestern Badghis province and inaugurated a power sub-station of 16 megawatts, benefiting 7,000 families, a Presidential statement said.
Upon his arrival, the president inaugurated Qala-e-Naw’s 20/110KV electricity project imported from Turkmenistan in the presence of provincial officials, tribal elders and Turkmenistan delegation led by Minister of Energy.
Addressing the inauguration ceremony, the president hoped the project would be expanded and other residents of the province would also benefit from the facility.
“With inauguration of the project the electricity price to be reduced from 40 Afghanis to only 6 Afghanis,” the president said. Residents of Qala-e-Naw were previously supplied electricity from a generator at a rate of 40Afghanis per KV.
The President Ghani added the construction of a ring road in Badghis province was also among his promises. The road was being constructed, he continued.
Hinting to Badghis role in ancient silk route, the president said the rich human capital to lead the province towards development in the future.
“Think to your future and attend the upcoming elections to guarantee future of Afghanistan,” President Ghani told Badghis residents, adding Turkmenistan had changed its priorities for Badghis electricity. The president also asked Turkmen delegation to convey his and Afghan government’s greetings and love to president and people of Turkmenistan.
Addressing the gathering, Badghis governor congratulated inauguration of the project of residents, saying people of the province supports government’s programs and that would remain beside it
Meanwhile, the Turkmen minister of energy Charymyrat Purchekov emphasized greater relations between the two countries, adding the Fiber Optic line between the two countries was the beginning of implementing big projects. He was also pleased to note that resident of Qala-e-Naw were benefiting from imported electricity.
The substation has the capacity of supplying 16 megawatts of power and involves a 25 kilometers 110kv transmission line, as well as a distribution network for 7,000 families.
According to another reports, President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani held separate meetings with tribal elders, religious scholars, school and university teachers, civil society activists, district governors,women representatives, youth and provincial council members.
In a meeting with women representatives, president Ghani thanked their support of development projects, instructing provincial officials to ease employment opportunities for women in provincial government organs.
Meanwhile in a meeting with religious scholars, the president said Ulema were sidelined in last forty years in the country, adding that their role has further been highlighted now and praised their recent fatwa of rejecting war in Afghanistan and calling it against Islamic teachings.
The Ulema also reiterated their support of government programs, saying they would play key role in Afghan peace process and were ready to participate in upcoming parliamentary and district council elections. In a separate meeting with Badghis youth, President Ghani said government was committed to balanced development and youth fulness of the system, adding a number of youth from the province were already appointed in key government positions and the process to be continued.
The Badghis youth representatives also enumerated a number of their problems, including countering drought, equipping of provincial hospital, employment, exploitation of coal mine, preservation and expanding of pistachio and peanut forests, establishment of library and implementation of development projects.
The president assured to address their demands, saying increasing production of pistachio and peanut were government’s priority.
Meanwhile in a meeting with Badghis district governors, President Ghani emphasized on their roles in implementation and protection of development projects. He also said plans were on hand to counter drought in the country.
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