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President Ghani highlights districts’ important role in governance

KABUL: Addressing a second two-day conference of district governors at the Presidential Palace on Sunday, President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani highlighted the importance of districts in governance and said powerful system in districts would help ensure a strong relation between government and the people, a statement from the presidential press office said.
“A strong system in districts would help empower the government’s system in the country,” the president noted, saying a district is the first point of contact between government and the nation.
“The system will be weak if districts are weak, because the foundation of communication between government and the nation starts from there,” President Ghani added.
The President spoke further about the importance of “a strong governance” in districts, and said districts are the frontline of stability of government’s system.
“Districts are the frontline of the stability of the system and also the frontline of people’s wellbeing as well as they are the frontline of national unity of Afghanistan and it will be the frontline of peace too,” he elaborated.
The President said district governors also play a crucial role in government as he welcomed recommendations made by district governors during the conference.
“You are a symbol of national unity in Afghanistan and I am proud of you,” the president pointed to district governors. “Your views are national-oriented views. You reflect a united Afghanistan, not a divided one – a country which is a shared home of all Afghans.”
The President called on judicial institutions to finalize the districts act in the near future.
“Within the next three years, a clear and national program should be undertaken for construction of all districts in line with the needs of the market. I want inclusive programs for all districts,” the president concluded his remarks as saying.
The district governors talked on bolstering security, governance and their connection with the central government during the two-day conference.  The conference was attended by more than 250 district governors from across Afghanistan.
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