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President Ghani asks Ulema to mobilize people against corruption

President Ghani addressing anti-corruption conference of Ulema Council

KABUL: Addressing a two-day anti-corruption conference of the Ulema Council, President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani said Afghanistan was not a corrupt country, but there were some minor corrupt individuals creating problems and spreading the phenomenon.
The president praised Attorney General Office’s efforts in fighting corruption and said when a minister was held accountable and when a three-star general went to jail, it indeed indicated a good day for Afghans and it was a sign of government’s determination to fight the ugly phenomenon.” 
President Ghani also pointed out that ‘Masjids were the most effective platform to gather the people and mobilize them against corruption’. He said every citizen and every official including himself, as the president, was responsible for their own actions and to uphold the law of the country, adding that the legal and judicial institutions were responsible for implementing the law and serving justice equally on all regardless of their post or social influence.
“Every official, including myself, are responsible towards the people,” the president said, adding that corruption was a “curse” that creates tension.
“Corruption is a curse which creates sedition and we must take it very seriously; sedition also brings tragedy. We inherited lots of problems. Governance in Afghanistan has not been taken from swords and guns. Afghanistan’s judicial and legal organs are obliged to implement the law equally on all,” the president said. 
Meanwhile, addressing the anti-corruption meeting in Kabul, Afghanistan’s Attorney General Farid Hamidi said there is a need for support from the public and Ulema to help eliminate crime, oppression and corruption. “What Ulema said about corruption reflects the voice of the Afghan people,” he said.
Issuing a declaration after their two-day anti-corruption meeting, the Ulema Council members stated that government should ensure that all appointments made in government institutions are based on merit, and not on nepotism and corruption.
Sunday was the final day of the two-day meeting which focused on rule of law and corruption in public offices in the country.The meeting enabled delegates to exchange ideas on ways to cope with corruption and eliminate it from government offices. 
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