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President Ghani appreciates army’s special operation unit

KABUL: President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani appreciated a number of special operations army corps’ in-charges who have recently released 38 Afghans from the Taliban prison in Almar village, Aab Band district in Ghazni province, the Presidential Palace said in a statement the other day.
During the ceremony which was held in Chahar Chenar Palace, acting minister of defense Asadullah Khalid while thanking the president for his special and constant attention said that the operation’s specialty was its being Afghanies, adding based on president’s instruction, counterterrorism operations are ongoing in different provinces, according to the statement.
He added our goal is to intensify special operations and make them definitely Afghani.
Afghan National Army (ANA) in-charges don’t care about any rumors and they would do their best to defend the country and system, he said, the statement added.
Afterwards, the presidential cultural advisor Asadullah Ghazanfar read out the president’s decree on conferring medals to three special operations’ in-charges each one, Major Abdul Qadir, Captain Rahmanullah and Second Lieutenant Sayed Mubarez on their good military services.
After conferring medal on them, the president said you would always be appreciated and as armed forces supreme commander, I am proud of you.
Addressing security forces, the president said,”I am neither King Shuja nor Amir Yaqoub Khan to be surrendered to anyone or sign a Gandumak Treaty.”
He added our security forces are not the forces of one year, one decade and/or one generation, but they would fight for hundreds of generations.
At the end, representing others, Brigade Mohammad Bilal thanked the president and said I would assure you and the nation to defend our country until the last drop of our blood and would practice the slogan of ‘We would chop off his head and take the stronghold.’
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