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Presence of militant groups along Afghan-Tajik border propaganda

After the resumption of power by the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan (IEA), security has been ensured all over the country and the borders with the Afghan neighbors. The security and defense forces of the Islamic Emirate have frequently assured the world and the regions, particularly the neighboring countries that Afghanistan would never allow militant groups to use Afghanistan’s soil against them. Over the past nearly two years of the IEA takeover of the country, no security threat has been reported along the Afghan and the neighboring countries borders as the country’s incumbent Islamic system calls the security of the neighbors its own security. The presence of militant groups across the two countries borders is mere propaganda and is launched to deteriorate relations between Afghanistan and its neighbors and the world in general. Recent reports suggest that fresh firm security has been tightened by the IEA’s forces along the Afghan-Tajik border. According to the Kunduz provincial security authorities, the security situation in areas across the border with Tajikistan has been improved and no one will be allowed to pose threat to the neighboring country, as the Islamic Emirate has already committed that Afghanistan’s soil will not be used as a threat against other nations. No terrorist activities and no terrorist groups existed along the Afghan-Tajik borders, as the provincial police chief of Kunduz, assured that no one will be allowed to disrupt the security of the neighboring country. “The security of bordering areas is tight, the presence of militants groups is propaganda and baseless, no security threat posed to any country,” a media report cited the provincial police chief as saying.

As the relations between the Islamic Emirate and the international community is gradually improved, malicious groups and those who have failed to serve the nation and shamefully defeated and left the country, do not remain quiet and silent and spare no effort to disrupt relations of the Islamic Emirate with the world, particularly its neighbors. Afghanistan, under the legitimate leadership of the Islamic system, wants to secure a better and improved engagement with the world, particularly its neighbors and trying to convince them to recognize it officially, so, the Islamic Emirate has to eliminate any insecurity felt in any parts of the country including the borders with the neighboring nations. In this way, both the security forces and the peace-loving people of Afghanistan in a joint effort and coordination are going ahead to work for the security of the country and the borders with its neighbors. So, this is very important for the neighboring countries to not believe in the propagandas of the vicious groups and do not worry about the security of their borders with Afghanistan. Also, the international community and the world peace-loving nations should enter the door of complete trust with the Islamic Emirate and be sure that it has kept all commitments made in the Doha agreement and is making effort to reconstruct the country and improve its relationship with all world nations. Therefore, no reason has remained to avoid recognition of the Islamic system and the world’s denial to recognize the IEA, will never be in  their interest and not only harm the Islamic Emirate, but will also be a slap tothe Afghan people and this is against the internationally accepted humanitarian standards.

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.