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Preparations underway for consultative Loya Jirga: HPC

The High Peace Council (HPC) authorities said that preparations are underway for holding of Loya Jirga and discussions continue on participation of Taliban representatives in this event.

Addressing a press conference here in Kabul on Sunday, chairman of HPC secretariat and chief of consultative Loya Jirga Organizing Commission Mohammad Omar Daudzay said, discussions are going on, whether Taliban representatives should be officially invited to this Jirga or not?

Daudzay emphasized that if frank or unfrank Taliban representatives attend the jirga they would be pleased. It would be good that they should share their opinions with people too.

According to HPC authorities the consultative loya Jirga is expected to be held on Apr 20.2018 and would continue four days with the participation of 2500 representatives from across the country, including 30 pc women.

According to HPC, 1750 representatives would be chosen from provinces proportionate to the number of their lawmakers.

While the HPC emphasizes on participation of people representatives from all parts of the country but a question appears here that if representatives of people in areas under the control of Taliban fail to attend it, what would be the HPC alternative?

Daudzay replied, instead of representatives, IDP representatives would attend it. The House expresses hope that consultative loya Jirga is a better option to find a key to Afghan peace instead of knocking the aliens’ door. If the government manage it correctly and achieve better results from its consultations with people, no doubt it would be a solution to Afghan people. 

Experts believe that consultative loya Jirga would be an important step towards beginning of intra-Afghani dialogue and in benefit of Afghan people if its decisions be obligatory.

Civil society bodies and advocates of women rights said that in order the women demands and achievements be secure, the women representatives should attend it and discuss their demands. Presence and role of women should not be ignored in peace process.

The Afghan government said that peace process is a national one and opinion of all people particularly women is very important. The Afghan people should be sure that their opinions and suggestions are taken into account and there opinions can help us to achieve everlasting peace. The Afghan people have many experiences and want the Taliban to acknowledge ground realities and based on them become ready for peace talks with government.

Peace efforts have been speeded up recently but talks between government and armed Taliban is very important. It would result in effective outcomes. Until there is no direct talks between the government and Taliban, external talks would produce no result.

Experts and lawyers have different opinions on this Jirga but is the Jirga effective in current circumstances. The Jirga decisions must be implemented.

An elite lawyer Ustad Hashimi said that if the Jirga decisions be implemented, it could be effective.

Suraya Raiszada


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