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Pre-election campaigns of some candidates against laws, electoral violation: IEC deputy spokesman

While still election campaigns’ schedule of parliament and district councils’ candidates has not been officially released by IEC but a number of candidates have prematurely started their campaign, installed their photos and occasional messages along the roads.
In an interview with The Kabul Times reporter, deputy spokesman of IEC Abdul Aziz Ibrahimi said, this step of candidates is against IEC regulations and they should start their campaigns after the IEC statement.
Ibrahimi added, the candidate sign a loyalty declaration based on which they would observe all IEC laws, procedures and norms and act accordingly. But unfortunately a number of them acted against their commitment and started their campaigns before IEC statement.
IEC deputy spokesman added, this is frankly against our regulations and the candidates and their supporters are not allowed to start campaign before statement as well as during 48 hours silence.
Ibrahimi went on to say, nowadays a number of candidates installed their photos with Eid and independence messages as well as messages on expressing hope for victory of Afghan sportsmen which are all against IEC laws. Candidates should not act against their loyalty statement. They have also started their campaign in social media too.
Talking on the IEC reaction against these candidates, he said, prosecution of these candidates is the responsibility of ECC. The candidates who have not violated IEC regulation, are allowed to register their complains with ECC. Electoral violations suggest that first violators should be recommended, fined, warned and finally omitted respectively.
Deputy IEC spokesman expressed hope that the ECC would assess these violations in order to have a transparent and fair elections.
According to IEC calendar, electoral campaigns should be started on Sep 28. 2018 to Oct 18. 2018 and no candidate is allowed to start campaign prematurely. FIFA CE Yusuf Rashid said, these premature campaigns are against IEC laws and are electoral violations because the IEC has not officially announced it. Criticizing some audiovisual media, Rashid added, indeed these media have been a tribune to candidates and invite them under a pretext in the name of experts or political analyst to their programs which is frankly violation of their loyalty to declaration. We want the candidates and their supporters that every premature step, measures or activity could be against law and IEC regulations. They must respect and observe principles. He believes that lack of reliable security, strong determination and political differences could cause the election not to be held on due time.

Suraya Raiszada

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.