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Practical steps needed to overcome drug addiction

Drugs addiction is one of the main and serious problems in Afghanistan that its vast side effects strongly damages physical and psychological life of individuals, family, as well as society, economy and culture of Afghans.
Addiction to drugs is one of the biggest threats in Afghanistan and its derivatives seriously affect brain activity and causes nervousness and depression. The threat and danger of drugs is not less than terrorism, and chemical and biological weapons in the world. This potential threat destroys the mankind life secretly and slowly and acts more affective than every lethal weapon and beside physical damages, it leaves behind dangerous mental and psychological effects.
Wars and insurgency have provided a suitable bed for poppy cultivation, drug production and trafficking that created devastating calamity of addiction among people particularly youth and at present hundreds thousands Afghan men and women have been addicted.
Addiction impacts everybody including poor and rich, literate and illiterate, male and female and damage them indiscriminately. As a result of increasing addiction and its uncontrollable penetration, individual, social, family and economic damages are inflicted on society.
Taking into account slight and insufficient treatment facilities in the country, the government must consider it as a national challenge. Counter-drugs campaign requires precise and firm steps in order to eliminate this nasty phenomenon from Afghanistan.
Evidents in Afghanistan show that large number of addicts have been affected due to migrations to neighboring countries especially Iran. It no doubt requires serious regional and global cooperations and no country is able to settle it alone.
Drug traffickers even trap children and force and lead them to addiction. In order to prevent addiction of elders and childrens, giving awareness is the only better and effective solution. Because we can’t task a police to everybody to prevent addiction. But we can establish awareness giving centers in capital and provinces to explain disadvantages of drugs to community. The government should prevent supply of drugs in local markets and decisively fight drug traffickers, prosecute and punish them.
Masouda Qarizada

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.