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Poverty: main driver for misfortunes in society

Poverty is the main cause of all misfortunes, insecurities, interventions, and wars in society. It is an artificial and unnatural phenomenon imposed on society by power-hungry individuals for their malicious purposes. Poverty means injustice and social inequality. In a society plagued by poverty, opportunities and resources are limited to a few individuals, families, groups, or parties, while the majority are deprived, and political, social, and economic relationships are unjust and unbalanced. For the oppressors and exploiters, poverty is a chance to enjoy a heavenly life on earth, while for the poor, it is a hellish torment. Every ruling class needs a defensive force and personnel to increase and maintain their power and wealth and compete with rivals. Thus, oppressors exploit his tragic phenomenon, poverty, and the impoverished class, the unemployed poor. They use deceit and cunning to maintain their oppressive lifestyles, treating the poor like sacrificial animals. Therefore, poverty is the fuel for the tyrants’ dirty lives. If this source, poverty, is alleviated from society, oppressive rulers will have no personnel to hire for maintaining and defending their power and wealth, as there will be no poverty and no one in need to sell themselves for a low price. Therefore, dictators deliberately try to maintain poverty in society, prevent the growth and development of its members, and impose such social conditions that, due to poverty, members of society are forced to sacrifice their lives for survival under a tyrannical regime. If we truly hope to escape these miseries and live a peaceful and prosperous life, we must identify the widespread causes of poverty and unemployment, eradicate their roots, and eliminate this source of suffering. To alleviate this horrific phenomenon, two essential actions must be taken: 1. Respond decisively to tyranny in any form and ensure political management is loyal and committed to accountability to the people. True political governance means the people should govern, considering their rulers as servants, not the other way around. 2. The most practical and effective way to alleviate poverty is through education. We need to equip society with modern sciences, technologies and skills, especially the new and young generation since ignorance and lack of knowledge pave the way for poverty and a suitable source for its growth. Therefore, in addition to having expert, and religious-national political management, there is an urgent need to turn to science, technology, and the acquisition of various arts and skills to eradicate the roots of poverty. When the factors of poverty (tyranny and ignorance) are eliminated from society, poverty will also decrease, and people will find opportunities for work and innovation. Besides, the society will become productive and creative. To achieve economic growth, which is the main factor for society’s prosperity, favorable conditions and development opportunities in industrial, agricultural, commercial, and service sectors will be created, providing work and livelihood opportunities, and fundamentally eliminating poverty. Ensuring permanent peace and stability in society will prevent all types of tensions, conflicts, disputes, and troubles forever. Eradicating the roots and foundation of poverty and freeing society from it is a significant, heavy, and challenging process that no government can solve alone and quickly. Any government claiming otherwise is exaggerating, and their claims are false and politically motivated. It is a long process requiring strong willpower, political authority, and people’s participation, support, and time. We hope that the ruling government in Afghanistan will show the same determination and ability in fighting poverty as they have shown in combating occupation, wickedness, and corruption, and decisively and honestly free their community and people from the great scourge of poverty forever. Sayed Asef Fekrat

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.