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Poverty, illiteracy to be overcome via education, IEA member

Anas Haqqani, a senior member of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan, has stressed on fighting poverty and addressing illiteracy in the country. In a debate held on education, higher education and poverty by Asia International Development and Researches Center (AIDRC) in Kabul, Haqqani considered governments’ weakness, war, illiteracy, unemployment, climate change and increasing population as the main and fundamental causes of widespread poverty and hunger in Afghanistan. Considering that the IEA inherited the current increasing poverty from the previous government, Anas Haqqnani insisted that after addressing economic problems, illiteracy is another issue that should be addressed in the country.
Poverty is a multi-dimensional phenomenon that according to the social, cultural, and economic conditions and each country’s time and location is based on the need and lack of access to resources, education, health, nutrition, shelter and health facilities bringing social vulnerability.
The element of poverty as a phenomenon and unpleasant social fact should not exist in human society. The main factor or element of poverty is the gap between the rich minority and the miserable majority, which finally destroy the country’s economy. If this is not addressed and identified on time, the problem will increase and is gradually destroy a society.
In the current situation in our country, the lack of investment in infrastructure that has the power to absorb labor has caused Afghanistan is facing a crisis of unemployment and poverty. Besides, natural incidents such as drought are considered as one of the factors increasing poverty and unemployment in the country.
In consideration to geographic situation of Afghanistan, the country has lots of natural resources, capacities and opportunities that can help adopt practical measures, make comprehensive policies and create long-term employment programs to reduce the poverty and unemployment rate in the country.
Afghan economic experts believe that positive change in the life of the people can be only seen when employment opportunities is created for the people as employment opportunity has direct links to industrial development as industry is considered as the main axis of the country’s economy. The sector has a key role in economic development and reduction in the rate of unemployment and poverty in the country.
It is worth mentioning that counter unemployment and addressing poverty in the country like any other programs can help further maintain security in the country. Now that the security situation has considerably improved, investors should be absorbed to invest in the country.
The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan (IEA) has repeatedly asked both domestic and international investors to invest in Afghanistan. Besides, boosting the literacy level and education can also help develop the country. Currently, more than 10 million people are illiterate; therefore, addressing the illiteracy is the responsibility of each Afghan as illiteracy can bring poverty and misfortune to the country.

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