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Positive interaction with IEA beneficial for world, Afghanistan

Undoubtedly, the positive interaction with the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan will be beneficial for all sides, and Afghanistan will also have an expected benefit or a win-win result in the interaction with the world. The efforts and hard work made by the Afghan ambassadors to other countries are highly appreciated since it has propelled Afghanistan to interact with other countries, indicating recognition of the Islamic Emirate and being considered a great hope for our nation, which has been grappling with many challenges, including poverty and unemployment. It seems that the country’s ambassadors have done effective and beneficial work in most countries, and the country’s political and diplomatic ties have been improving with the world, removing the obstacles and challenges toward recognition. The world’s countries have realized and understood that Afghanistan has achieved sustainable peace and security, and no other side or party can ensure countrywide security in Afghanistan and establish their existence with a more robust root in our land. Therefore, the world and the international community are making an effort to have effective and beneficial ties with Afghanistan and are interested in improving the economic situation and investment in the country. The economic and commercial agreements and Memorandum of Understanding signed recently between the country’s ministries and the delegation of other countries indicate strong evidence and clear proof of this claim. Although America, the United Nations and some countries have been accusing the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan with baseless claims and rumors, most countries have realized the reality, initiated a positive interaction with Afghanistan, supported the Afghan nation and continued their assistance. The Afghan people hope that America and its allies, particularly the United Nations, will refrain from confrontation and accusing Afghanistan and return the frozen country’s assets, improving their political, diplomatic and commercial ties with Afghanistan. Otherwise, many countries in the world are keen to have positive and sound relations with Afghanistan, leading the country not to face significant or major challenges with the support of Allah the Almighty. To conclude, the countries that are seeking enmity and hostility with Afghanistan should reconsider their policies and views toward Afghanistan and initiate positive and beneficial ties with our country and eventually recognize the ruling government in Afghanistan, the Islamic Emirate, putting the confrontation and hostility dagger on the ground. Mukhtar Safi

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.