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Position of educational institutions in society

In continuation of training institutions, the centers and institution of education that are responsible for promotion of higher studies is a matter that we should stay on.
As the work of the both also should be definited, so, if a reform to be taken place, it should simultaneously be done in both either in the field of training or in education section in a higher level. Otherwise, the problem in each one of them can harm the process of education and training as well.
For example: how much the training institutions promote their activities on the basis of principles and scientific and training standards, in such a manner, the capacities would be built for improvement of education and promotion of quality in universities.
As with presence of students and their finding way to the higher institutions place the educational institution in itinerary of searching and changing or at least, a suitable capacity would be built for promotion of learning in these academic institutions.
If the graduates of schools and madrassas to be entered into higher education institutions with lower capacity, despite being successful in promotion of programs, but within execution process, they would face with some problems because of being lower the level of learning.
Simultaneous with bringing reforms in education system, it is necessary the reforms to be brought in scientific centers such as universities etc. and as a whole under the supervision of higher education ministry, changes should be brought in all systems of education and experience seriously the reform process, otherwise, the education activities would have no suitable achievement.
This issue is visible in education institutions and centers well.
From one hands, the capacity of those who enter into higher institutions is low and on the other the programs of higher education institutions are void of necessary quality.
What are emboldened in higher institutions as a serious challenge needs paying heed.
For example: majority of lecturers in higher education institutions are don’t enjoying from modern science and knowledge as it is necessary what is we name as science and knowledge are belong to last centuries that today lost their scientific legality and don’t respond to day’s requirements and enquiries.
More than any places, the higher education institutions should be managed on the basis of complete scientific requirements and in accord with scientific standards through complete expertized men of knowledge and higher capabilities and should be far from any political considerations.
What is very considerable in this respect is this that majority of lecturers owned the scientific seat on the basis of ancient students and inter-relations of organizations not on the basis of the harsh scientific principle.
The volunteers should own the scientific seats on the basis of meritocracy.
Much cases are seen that the volunteers with owning of reliable scientific documents such as PhD were remained behind the doors of these institutions sans any response.
Such equation and transaction in scientific centers is not lesser than a tragedy. It is the legal right of homeland offsprings to be taught by knowledgeable, scientific lecturers and in majority cases tribalism rules in the connection.
There is no great tragedy comparing victimizing of knowledge and destiny of thousands of the sons and girls of the country by political and trible considerations.
In scientific centers, only the scientific principles should rule, otherwise, such behave would harm the credibility of higher institutions in regional and world level.
The higher institutions are the centers of producing mild power in the society. Development of culture and science in a society links with the work and activity of universities. Sans modern science and knowledge, there is no room for promotion and development of a society.
Now, our academic centers are void of any scientific credibility on the basis of today’s standards. What the government should take in its hand is making effort to fight with any possible reactions in the connection.
Establishment of fundamental reformations is a must to reach the goal.
The first reformation is creation of new principle and mechanism for employment of lecturers for higher education institutions.
It is necessary an independent commission be formed that be composed of credible, scientific figures of the country in collaboration with several international scientific institutions’ experts and specialists so that in first step, the scientific capacity of lecturers be evaluated.
When faults and shortages be recognized, then on the basis of the same, a plan should be drafted for employment of new lecturers according to principles and standards of the world.
It is a must for bringing of reforms in the sector of higher studies.
It is hoped in a day, our country to own a credible scientific center and the offsprings of the country to be educated in a high level and even the students of the regional and world countries to refer to our country.
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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.