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Poppy on 3,750 acres of lands eradicated in Takhar

TALOQAN: Poppy on 3,750 acres of land has been eradicated in the past one month in the country’s northern province of Takhar, the provincial counter-narcotics office said in a statement Tuesday. Director of the provincial counter-narcotics Department, Mawlavi Abdul Basir said that in a series of poppy farmlands destruction campaigns, the provincial counter-narcotics police personnel have de stroyed over 3,700 acres of poppy farmlands in Farkhar, Kalafgan and Rustaq districts of the province in the past one month, according to the statement. “The poppy destruction campaigns, will be continued until the complete eradication of the poppy farmlands in the province,” said the statement, adding that the farmers will be provided with poppy alternatives including fruit trees, saffron seeds and some other plants in the province. Also, the provincial police Chief, Mawlavi Nasrullah Huzaifa said that over 110 individuals in connection with various crimes including theft, murder, and drug trafficking have been arrested in the past one month in the province, the statement added. He urged residents of the province to help security forces in fully preventing criminal activities. The Kabul Times

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.