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Poppy cultivation, drug production serious threat against Afghanistan security, stability, UN

A special meeting of the UN Security Council was held in New York to discuss situation of Afghanistan in the last six months and beside security situation, drug problem was also discussed.
Addressing the meeting, the UN special envoy for Afghanistan Tadamichi Yamamoto said, drug production and trafficking has created serious, security and economic problems for Afghanistan and the Afghan youth are at serious risk of addiction.
He added, drugs are another serious socio, economic challenge in Afghanistan. Despite of reduction of opium production in 2018, continuation of poppy cultivation and drug trafficking is a threat against stability in this country.
Assessments show that 10 pc of Afghan youth use drugs continuously. To put an end to this situation, neighboring countries and global community have responsibility to fight drugs supply and demand.
In his speech to this meeting, Russian ambassador at the UN said, war on drug is a priority to Moscow because it is a serious regional problem.
The UN concern on increasing level of addiction among Afghan youth is expressed at a time that based on assessment of Afghan MoCN, beside use of drug, university students have recently restored to use toxicating tablets.
Criticizing the regional counties and global community, lawmaker Khalid Pashtoon said, they have always called Afghanistan as the biggest drug producer but have not performed their responsibility in war on drugs and trafficking.
He added, in the last 16 or 17 years of their presence, the world community could find a solution to this challenge but unfortunately they only talked but found no solution.
According to MoI authorities, all raw chemicals needed for drug production are being imported into Afghanistan through neighboring countries.
Lawmaker Pashtoon asked the world community to prevent chemicals trafficking beside cooperation of the Afghan government in prevention of poppy cultivation. Political analysts have always emphasized that drugs are the only great socio-economic challenge and Afghanistan is not lonely blamed for poppy cultivation and drug trafficking and certain countries are involved in this nasty phenomenon. The Afghan government has always identified and picked up drug addicts sent them into treatment centers.
In his conversation with The Kabul Times reporter, Ahmad a resident of Kabul said unfortunately large number of youth use K-Tablets which is a dangerous poison. According to him, in the past the Afghan people didn’t know drugs but political changes and imposed proxy wars and migrations and insecurities caused drug addiction.
Shukria Kohistnai

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.