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Political parties’ role in Afghan peace talks

Recently, peace talks’ discussion has been intensified nationwide and worldwide as a number of political parties want to play role in peace negotiations.
The government of Afghanistan said any group that was able to invite insurgents to negotiations table would be welcomed.
People believe peace talks would achieve positive results it is done by own Afghans.
Afghanistan’s great national coalition and a number of political parties are reportedly expected to determine a delegation to closely talk with the Taliban in near future.
This is while a meeting on Afghanistan’s peace process was expected to be held in Moscow and attended by a number of Taliban representatives, but due to non-participation of Afghan government, the meeting postponed.
A lawmaker Khalid Pashtoun said, “These coalitions are not well-known among people, because, Afghans don’t have good memory from parties and political groups.”
He stressed I don’t believe Taliban would negotiate with these coalitions.
He added Afghan people would welcome any move being led and owned by them.
Expressing optimism on political parties and groups role in Afghan peace negotiations, Chief Executive Office said, “Leading peace talks process belongs to High Peace Council (HPC), but political parties and figures would also be welcomed if they are able to step up on restoring peace in the country.”
A number of political experts told The Kabul Times no effort would achieve positive results unless warring sides show their willingness to negotiate.
They say if peace talks are hosted by Afghan government and political parties, there is no doubt it would achieve positive results, because, Afghans know that national unity would help them overcome ongoing challenges and problems.
Political parties believe this is a clear fact that ensuring peace is the Afghans’ demand, thus, a regional meeting should be held to realize how these efforts would be effective.
A number of Afghan citizens say we have always wanted peace and stability are ensured in the country, but in fact, peace would be ensured when foreign interferences in Afghanistan’s affairs to be cut.
A Kabul citizen Ahmad Fawad said, “Afghanistan is among the countries where has made much sacrifices in fighting terrorism and still this fight is ongoing. Therefore, neighboring countries should cooperate with the government of Afghanistan in the respect, because, ensuring peace in Afghanistan would lead in prevailing peace and stability in the region and the world as a whole.”
The people of Afghanistan hope efforts would be effective if peace process is Afghan-led and owned. Suraya Raiszada

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.