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Political consensus; precondition for peace talks with Taliban

Efforts aimed at paving the way for beginning of peace talks have been accelerated unprecedentedly inside and outside Afghanistan.
At the moment, the world efforts for creation of facilities for beginning of talks are led by the US and special envoy of US Department of State for Afghan peace Zalmay Khalilzad has just arrived in the region and visiting Russia, some central Asian countries, UAE and Pakistan.
At domestic level, following presenting a peace plan to Geneva conference, president Ghani appointed a negotiating delegation and formed a consultative peace board. This board is combined beside NUG authorities of Jihadi leaders, civil society activists, media, cultural, academic dignitaries, trible leaders, and local influentials.
The key reason behind present combination of consultative peace board and negotiating delegation is the urgent need of cooperation of all leading figures and political parties for implementation of peace. The peace process belongs to Pan Afghan people and cannot be merely a government program. Participation of all Afghan people is needed in it. People should support this government program, particularly those political forces and movements who since the outset played role in formation of this system and currently are major components of the system.
Peace talks require that all effective individuals and political parties cooperate the government program and support government position and avoid separate ways, because separate ways regardless of its reasons, weaken the government stance and are in no case in the benefit of system.
If some political parties proposed separate delegations for talks with Taliban, seems to be a wrong and unprincipled gesture and causes to create a split in the position of pro-government forces that would be in the benefit of Taliban.
Since long time, the Taliban had declared that were ready to talks instead of government with according to their opinion the so-called influential parties and personalities and intended to weaken the government front, otherwise Taliban have never been in love of eyes and eyebrow of these parties, the parties who particularly had been fighting them during their rule (1996-2001).
Taliban are an ideological faction and have been fighting for establishment of their idiologic system for many years and its unlikely that they would give up their ideology in favor of these parties.
The political parties are required to put aside baseless optimisms, not to be deceived by Taliban propaganda, prevent splitting of government front, support the government.
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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.