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Poliovirus should soon be controlled or it will affect more

The World Health Organization (WHO) has recently announced that it had up to 37 sites across Afghanistan to collect sewage samples and check if there was found poliovirus among the communities. In a statement it has said: “The environmental surveillance system for polio continues to expand.” Afghanistan and Pakistan, according to the UN report, are the only two remaining polio-endemic countries in the world and efforts were underway to fight the virus, part of the world programs to put an end to the fatal virus, worldwide. It appears that fighting the disease that largely affects children are still taking victims in some parts of the country, has not ended and there is a need for firm health organizations’ plan to fight it enough to put a lasting end to the illness. In the past, there was no security, everywhere were fear and dread and as the Islamic Emirate has resumed power, any helpful and welfare program and project could be launched with the people’s cooperation. Also, in some parts of the country, locals were ready to take their children to the anti-polio vaccinators, even at their doorsteps, as they were falsely understood that the vaccination lays negative impact on their children’s health. As security is ensured countrywide, the WHO plans’ established sites for collecting sewage samples for checking the virus, is an effective step to fight the virus and help millions of children get rid of the most harmful disease. The households should also cooperate with the health workers and take their children to the vaccination centers anywhere operational. As the World Health Organization has taken a good step, the ministry of public health should also increase the number of employees involved in the work of vaccination and do their best to cooperate with the area resident and households, prior to the launch of the eradication campaign. Any failure or incompetence by the organs concerned or the parents would weaken the process of fighting the virus and would help the disease remain still active and prevailing anywhere in the country. The virus, if not controlled and not paid serious attention, would affect more children and paralyze and maim them anywhere in the country. The country’s eastern province of Nangarhar which is bordered with Pakistan, should be taken seriously as the virus may have been influenced from the neighboring country, because at least four positive cases, all in Nangarhar province, have been registered in 2023.

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.