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Police arrest drug trafficker, seize heroin bags

KUNDUZ: Security forces of the Islamic Emirate have arrested a drug smuggler and confiscated several pockets of heroin from his possessions in the country’s Northern Province of Kunduz, provincial police spokesman Obidullah Abidi said Saturday.
Police during routine checking of vehicles searched a car and discovered heroin powder packed in 33 pockets from possession of a commuter who was attempting to take the contraband out of Kunduz city the capital of Kunduz province on Friday night and took the alleged drug smuggler in custody for investigation, the official added.
Without hinting at the exact weight of the illicit drug, the police spokesman described it a “good quantity” saying police won’t allow anyone to produce or traffic illicit drugs in the province.
In a similar incident last Monday, police discovered 115 kg of illicit drug from a car in the neighboring Baghlan province and arrested four alleged smugglers.
Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan has vowed to fight any types of crimes including poppy cultivation and drug trafficking in the poverty-stricken country.
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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.