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PM Mawlavi Kabir calls on hosting countries to treat well with Afghan refugees

KABUL: Acting Prime Minister of the Islamic Emirate Mawlavi Abdul Kabir called on the hosting countries to treat well with the Afghan refugees who left the country due to imposed wars and insecurity, after the occupation of foreign forces in 20 years, before the Islamic Emirate takeover of power in midAugust 2021, a statement from the PM office said Tuesday. “In the past few decades, due to war, oppression, tyranny and aggression of foreigners and occupation, a large number of Afghans left their homeland and still live in a number of countries in the world, including neighboring countries,” said the statement adding the Islamic Emirate was grateful for their long-term hosting. “Migration is a Sunna of the holy prophet and his respected companions. They left their main residences and sought refuge in other places. Allah Almighty will grant them paradise and other of His blessing in the day of restoration,” said the Prime Minister who called on foreign countries who host the Afghan refugees to treat well and provide them with essentials in line with human values. “Fortunately, after the victory of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan and ensuring countrywide security the IEA has tried to provide the ground for the return of Afghan immigrants from foreign countries,” the statement quoted PM as saying. That’s why, a large number of Afghans returned to the country, and the Islamic Emirate and charitable organizations provided them with aids and job opportunities. Considering that Afghans still living in migration, we ask the host countries to treat Afghan immigrants well and provide them with the necessary facilities in light of international immigration laws. We ask the international migration institutions to pay serious attention to the Afghan immigrants who were forced by the previous government to leave their homes inside or outside the country, and to increase their cooperation with Afghanistan in this regard. There is no pressure to force anyone to emigrate, those who have left the country for the same reason, the arms of the Islamic Emirate and the people are open to them and they can return to the country with peace of mind. The IEA wants to pave all conditions for the return of Afghan refugees to the country and provide them with all possible facilities. Those who are involved in human trafficking and endanger the lives of people, will be treated in accordance to the Islamic law, said the statement. The Kabul Times

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.